IMAX balance charger and turnigy questions

Hi, Having some problems. Just got my Turnigy 5000mAh 25c 4s battery, and the ends have a casing- should I remove (I know - noob question) and also- one of the power leads are female and one is male - adapters needed? This is my “first build” and I was stupid enough to forget the power supply. Should I just get a 60w PC power supply? Thanks Uploading… Uploading… Uploading…


No adapters needed, this is normal. All you need to do is solder a male and female connector onto your ESC that correspond with you + and - wires. For example you don’t want a male positive connector on the battery and a male positive connecter on your ESC. As for the casing part I think it is just heat shrink which helps prevent shorts and is normal but I am not exactly sure what you mean so pictures are always good. For the power supply, I would recommend a hobby balance charger personally.

EDIT- I was being stupid for a minute there and realized that the casing you are talking about must be a plastic one, yes that is normal and prevents you from plugging the two ends of your battery together and thus shorting it.

Hi Sorry, pictures not loading, do I need to plug in the ± leads from battery into balance when charging as well as balance leads from battery, or just balance leads? Should I cut the casing on ± leads? Here’s my wiring

Yes, you need to plug both the discharge plug and the balance lead into the charger to charge

so do i cut the casing?

I am going to need some pictures of your setup and your charger in order to help you.