Importance of lights at night!

Please wear some form of reflectors and/or lights so that cars can see you! I decided to go a few blocks tonight to grab some food like I always do, despite telling me always myself that I should get some helmet lights before I do it again.

I managed to get hit by a driver who didn’t see me while he was turning left. Thankfully, I was only hit by the side of the car as I managed to accelerate out from the front of the car and got away with a single scrape.

Even better, a cop saw the whole thing and gave the guy a ticket. I probably should have gotten one too now that I think about it haha but I think the cop thought I was a kid (since I’m a 5’2" fully grown manlet).

Either way, I got off scott free but that may not be the case for everyone else who gets hit by a car at night.

By the way, any recommendations for budget helmet lights?


sorry you got hit manlet…

:joy: no doubt something got lost in translation, but that is some funny ass shit

but yeah big ass lights are cool I have a 72w beast I use on occasion. (i’ll go grab a pic)

makes day light in the outback


Yeah lights or reflectors are super important. At the moment i ride the blink s2 to wok, it already has got some front and rear lights. If you need inspiration for lights, go take a deep dive into this thread :slight_smile:

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Yeah, the way he asked if I was hurt and if I would make it home sounded like he thought I was a kid. To be fair to him, I lost the genetic lottery when it comes to height and vocal chords.

um… im not sure dude, you called your self a manlet I quoted you in entirety… not so sure about everything else, i think that is all you :thumbsup:

Oh yes, I’m absolutely a manlet, there’s no doubt about that. Anyway, thanks for the recommendation!

i’m crazy dude in the middle of no-where… pitch black! no street lights the most crazy place you ever went camping… ever… I have 24 x 3w cree in a reflector, needless to say it is a lot more than most, but where I live there are no street lights

You could get el wire and put around your helmet.

Second this! Very useful and cheap:)

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Adding lights will also make other people to think you are riding on a spaceship, which is legit.

If youre on budget and dont want to install anything permanently on board i would suggest a strong headlight. This way u will always have light in direction you are looking.

Looks bulky and i usually try not to but for reference.