In app Video Overlay Recording

Hello electric skateboarding community,

Recently, the bluetooth vesc app market has been booming! There’s now multiple vendors with multiple apps and the community has never had the capabilities they are are now gaining. I would like to introduce a new feature of the VESC Vision… Video overlays!

The stalling of the video at times is mostly a result of running my app plus the dji go app in low power mode. These two apps together require quite a bit of processing power, and low power mode restricts this power to save battery. Very rarely did I have issues not running in low power mode. I also could close apps, as I have way too many open on top of this.

More video is to come, this is just a teaser…


Im wondering - will someone start pulling some stats out of this… or will it be that there will be long threads / topics where ppl post their app video overlay recordings? :slight_smile: Anyways, nice job… It was probably useful already long time ago… to have something like this… realtime logging of all the esc - system stats and real life video footage - environment, terrain.

Looking good :+1:

Noob question what is the temp reading top r/h corner?

It’s the vesc mosfet temperature. :slight_smile:

@evoheyax Aww yeah! That overlay looks sweet. Your app is progressing so quickly. Great work!

Is it possible to connect the app to a GoPro/Yi camera via Wi-Fi and have the video overlay show up? That would be the way I’d like to use the overlay, I’d possible, since I don’t like taking videos with my phone.