In case of emergency pull this

I’ve read a few posts recently about eboards “bolting” out from under their riders. Case in point:

For those of you who use an antispark plug as your on/off switch I was wondering was if anyone has ever tried adding a short ripcord to the plug, the other end tying around your leg? This would likely be the quickest way to shut down your board in an emergency. I’m thinking the plug would have to be mounted in the rear of the deck, with the cord attaching to your rear leg to keep the length as short as possible. You’d also need to make sure that the surrounding wiring is mounted securely, so as not to pull something other than the plug when you jerk it out.

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@High-roller that has definitely been done before, and you’re right, it is a good failsafe! Search around for “loop key”

I was looking at something like this

Good idea, though it looks a little bulky. I thought I’d just use an xt90 anti-spark plug.

The problem is that the XT90 needs a lot of wiggeling to pull it out, if you tried to rip it out with a cord, it likely not come out unless the cord happens to pull straight outward which is unlikely. So I wouldnt recommend tying yourself to your loopkey as you wont be able to bail the board safely.

The better idea is @mptrs idea as these are actually designed for that purpose, but to use these you’ll need a soft switch or BMS with switch.

Thanks for the tip about the xt90, I didn’t know hard they are to pull out (probably for a reason). Why would the kill switch need a soft switch though? It’s just two wires, so couldn’t you just add it to the wiring like any other loop key?

Technically you are correct, but i dont think you’ll be able to find a safety cord switch that can handle enough amps, and if you do they will probably be rather expensive.

I was thinking about this the other day, I like the idea of using magnets to secure the connection but I couldn’t find any examples