In desperate need of an evolve GT BMS

Hey there friends !

My Bamboo GT has been dying in a corner of my flat for months, my BMS almost caught fire while charging and evolve never wanted to send me a new one alone… I had just switched to a custom battery that basically lasted forever and gave me tons of power without any sag (thanks @okp) but I think it was too much for my already glitchy BMS to handle.

So yeah, I really need a new BMS, or even a used one that still works, because even tho I bought an Emotorcycle (Super Soco TC), I miss my board (and the upgraded pack was pretty expensive, still haven’t had enough fun with it !)

If you’ve heard of anyone selling a dead battery or a functional BMS, you’ll be my god :grin:

If you fill out your location in your profile, selling or obtaining things works better


I had the exact same issue, upgraded the battery and BMS died, Evolve won’t and me a replacement by bms.

I’m upgrading the ESCs with VESCs, bms with Bestech and I’ll try flipsky antispark switch, soon I’ll realize how this board should have been from the begining

After all that you basically just bought a deck, full wings and wheels.

I really like their GCT deck. Sucker for CF even though they are not that comfortable

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@leomozoloa @Eboosted What were you charging the new battery with? Was it the stock Evolve 2A or 4A charger?

Stock Evolve 2A charger

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wow! thanks for all the replies ! so:

@b264 I just filled them, you’re right, I’m from Paris, France, but anyway i’d pay shipping even if it was coming from the other side of the world. BTW, I was charging with a regular 2A charger, not the stock one but never had problems before, It was very functionnal and charged to 41.2/41.5V.

@Eboosted Since I have this rad ass 10s4P I was thinking on going full DIY (with the focbox unity for example), the only problem, I have the evolve R2 and it’s fantastic, I just love it and I don’t see any DIY remote that come close to that feeling… If you have any Remote as cool as this one then I’ll take it, I haven’t checked in a while

Thanks again guys !

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I don’t think the Evolve R2 remote has a plug and play receiver, but in case it does so you could just connect it to a vesc and keep the remote

Nah, you know evolve, fully custom proprietary, It might be possible to reprogram the firmware tho, but i’m not even sure they’re using the same wireless technology, I wonder if someone managed to do it, have you heard of anyone ? I’ll search later rn i’m rushing to work :wink:

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I feel you pain for the R2.

I am in proces of making diy, so I have ordered firefly remote, but I really really like the r2 shape, and separated throttle / brake triggers.

paging @Eboostin

That’s it, and the battery indicator and all, that gigantic range of motion, smoothness and toughness of the triggers, it’s sooooo goood. I checked the photon remote but it has a joystick, I really don’t get how no one has made a similar remote yet

I would just get 2 vescs bms and a remote with telemetry and you ll have an awesome board. Evolve has nice boards but their electronics sucks.


I agree, the thing is, as I sad earlier, I haven’t found a remote that come close to the R2, if you ever find some let me know! I’ll take it !

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Thats because you are male. Its carbon fibre. looks like batman rides it.

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did you guys try evolve Australia for spares?

Do they have a history of selling BMS ? I remember that at first they were okay to send me a bms (Evolve France), but they ended up suspecting It was for a custom battery, and the decision came all the way from the top (the company is australia based) to remove it from every single store so I’d be very surprised if the HQ is okay to give a spare BMS

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not sure - if you have a serial number, purchase history maybe ? They sent me a replacement esc after mine went swimming.

Was it recently ? I know that at first they used to send people electronics replacement parts but they decided to change the policy in the first half of 2018. I actually was stupid enough to say “no” the first time they wanted to send it because mine started working again, two weeks laters it’s dead and they won’t sell it anymore…

In the case they’d be down to sell you a BGT BMS, could you possibly forward it to me to France ? I’m sure they won’t be okay not going through my local distributor, I’ll pay for everything !

hmmm. I got one of those as well for mine. not sure they will sell me another. try evolve au. email them a photo of yours plus serial number proof of purchase maybe? we need someone like @Ackmaniac to hack it!