In need of a battery spot welding angel! Bay Area


currently working on repairing my Bose soundlink mini (doesn’t really belong to this forum, sorry for that). I need to spot weld two 18650s , however I don’t have the equipment and I couldn’t find any help elsewhere. I’d be super happy if anyone here would be able to spot weld the cells, which would be a great help for me! I’m located in the Bay Area (Mountain View, Palo Alto). IMAG1456

Thanks so much for your support!

I have a spot welder but stay in Vacaville :grimacing: that’s like 45min away from the bay. I’m sure someone out there should have one

Ay, thank you so much for offering! Yeah it’s pretty far - about 5 hours by public transportation (I’m a cheap student). I asked everyone about a battery spot welder, I actually even asked at the library xd.

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If you have a soldering iron that will work just fine for these purposes. I recently soldered 6 cells into a 6s bank for a diy speaker I made

I’ve been doing that for some time before I came to the Bay Area from Europe. Unfortunately I left all the technical doodads, such as the soldering iron, at home in Europe.


U can get an iron for super cheap. I’ll sell u one I don’t use n some lead solder for ten bucks. And I’ll bring it to u. I’m in sf

Damn, I have the same speaker and never realized that these used 18650’s. Maybe I can Jerry rig a 20700 pack on my old one.


There’s not much space left in the speaker, 20700 might be too big for this little speaker. The LG MJ1 cell, for example, is already much higher capacity than the original cell inside. It’s definitely a speaker too good to be trashed just because of its aging battery!


Thanks! I discovered that I have a small soldering station (I live in my cousin’s previous place right now). I just don’t want to destroy the cells (and contribute to the ongoing California fire!). Thanks a lot for the help though!!

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I have the same speaker too.Someday spot welding days may come.Thank you for the information.

Sure! Be careful with opening the battery. I recommend you pry and bend the battery “nameplate”, that way you don’t have to touch the foam seal, which is absolutely crucial (the speaker needs to be fully air tight in order to “produce” bass through the passive radiators).

I though of one cool way how how to have the cells spot welded. Anyone open to me shipping those cells to you :smiley: ?

wait, so you have cells and need them spot welded? and you’re willing to send them to someone and have them send them back once they’re welded together?


I live in sunset sf. I can spot weld them over the weekend if you bring them by.


That would be really cool! Thank you very much!

Pm me this weekend and we can meet up.

Hey man, just came across this thread, I am in Palo Alto and in need of an angel as well. If you are willing to be a blessing to one more person I am down to drive up to SF if you still live there

Sorry man, moved to Los Angeles