In Need Of A Battery To run My E-MTB 12s4p 44.4v over 11000 mah cheap price

Hi i am looking for a 12s4p battery any good links? need to run vesc6 and torque motor 190kv.Or any other high quality battery.

Thank you

Would like to make it run min 20 miles range

this again?

cheap isn’t a number.


What is your budgeted amount for a battery?

300-475 is my budget some place in there

$450 With Samsung 30Q cells


Im buidling an E-MTB wont fit inbetween my feet or under the board its to long… i need a cube ish

Have you considered using Lipos? A custom battery might be over budget

yes but a 2x 6s 5600mah 60c isnt gonna last me even close to 20 miles

You would need 4 of them. There is another source let me see if I can dig up a link

the motors i have can only handle 12s…

Go custom to decide format both i and @barajabali make them

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is that a 6s?

go with lipos! hobbyking has quite alot over 6s +10000mah ones.

also, range is a matter of driving style!

Yes, 2 of these would give loads of power and maybe get you close to 20 miles depending on gearing, rider weight and if your climbing steep hills or not

not with over 20c rating

Higher C rating means less voltage sag which increases range

yes i know its just achmed was saying 10000mah on hobbyking but they all have 15c witch is bad

sir, you want to do some math first! 20c x * 10000mah = 200 amps and thats not even including burst. a single motor wont handle more then 80 amps usualy