In Need of Awesome eSk8 Pics 📷

Hey guys, I know there are a lot of you out there with some sick eSk8 photos, and I am in need of a few to feature on the (And possibly on for YouTube)

So if you have some sick eSk8 pics post them down below, and I may just feature it on the website! I will be sure to credit you for the original image. (I am not taking them off of the ‘No words… Just Pics’ thread because I want to ask permission before using them…

PS: Perhaps @RunPlayBack could help me out? :open_mouth: :smile:

you can use these if you want:

or this maybe if you have a waterproofing section lol… :smiley:

or really any other still from my videos if you want just ask here or via PM, I just fullscreened one and put some contrast, I’ll probably put it for bg of - if you like my shots - videos:

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Great! Thanks @makevoid @anorak234

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