(In Progress) Bush Pig | Trampa | Infinity| Leopard Hobby x4 | 10s8p 18650 Custom | 10sESC

Hi All,

Just putting together a new board. The main disapointment (apart from failed parts) I have with my first board is that I can’t ride it anywhere and everywhere. This build I hope to change that. I want this thing to have the torque to pull a car >=] and the speed to match it :slight_smile:

I’m still undecided on what Trampa to get just yet but I’m leaning towards the 578 16ply with added heal straps.

I’m also leaning towards to the Infinity trucks because 1/2 KG more in weight does not really bother to be honest. This will be beefy board as it is so the little extra weight shouldn’t be a problem.

I’m looking at either one of the following two motors in 4 wheel drive setup. I’m leaning towards the 220KV but I’m not sure if I will regret that if I change to 12s in the future instead of choosing the 175KV

I’m waiting on @JLabs group buy to finish to get 80 LGHG 18650 cells to make a 10s8p pack before I can really do anything. However I’m still contemplating going to 12s6p or 12s7p (and just getting the extra few cells I need) I’m still researching BMS choices and still undecided if I will go hotglue or mounting frames for the cells.

Finally the ESC. I’d love to go VESC but I’ve had too many bad experiences with that thing that at the kind of speeds this thing will do + its weight I really don’t want any failures. I am thinking though I may incorporate the use of an arduino, galileo or a rPi to add some functionality to the board. I had the idea of being able to amplify my steering by using a gyro sensor on the board, coupled with some delayed action (so it doesn’t happen imediately) and with tweening (so it’s not a knee jerk reaction) to speed up the outer two wheels when turning in comparison to the inner two. Not massively and obviously this will take a lot of testing and troubleshooting but I live for the challenge :slight_smile:

I’ll be making the final decision on my board tomorrow along with the motors. I’m not sure of what gearing or mounting systems I’m going to use yet. As I’d like to make this pretty water proof,if not submergeable in water itself (if that’s even possible).

Any suggestions or changes you might think are good, or even experiences throw them at me :slight_smile:

An update: I spoke to Altitude and they said they would order the extra Leopards in for me. However it looks like they don’t do international shipping! I’ve requested it and hopefully they accept it. otherwise I’ll have to look into one of those “fake” US Addresses you can use.

Here’s what I had gone with: