In search for larger tucks than Caliber II ( plus some decent AT wheels )


Basically I already have a Esk8 which works amaizngly, the only problem is the roads where I live ( Lincoln UK ) are absolutly dreadful - they use the asphalt with large rocks to increase grip, but it makes it terible to ride on.

So I decided to get a cheap £10 mountainboard off gumtree to steal the offroad wheels from it to replace my 100mm urathane. except I found two problems with that.

  1. My Caliber II trucks arnt long enough at all for the larger 150mm wheels.
  2. the wheels on the cheapo MB are hard plastic and not rubber so I doubt I will be able to use it at all.

My question is, where can I get larger trucks from as the motor mount fits the Caliber II trucks perfectly. And where can I get decent MB Wheels from that dont cost the earth.

If you don’t mind used trucks:

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Now that is interesting, I wonder if he can ship to the UK.

Ask. And use the search button. It was literally 5 topics under yours!!

Your kidding!! I spent the last hour looking for posts on larger trucks and at wheels, couldnt find anything super usefull. Guess Im just blind!


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There was a plan a couple of weeks ago to have a EU GB for the Torqueboard 218mm trucks, but it has not materialized yet. I will find the post.

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Cheers dude. Im so fed up of not being able to ride at a decent speed because of how trash the roads are. finally pulling the plug on moving to AT wheels.

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I’m the same. So far I have used the MBS skate trucks with Trampa pneumatic 7" wheels.

Here is the thread. Don’t know what @monkey32 finally decided to do

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