In-Truck electronics

All the electronics are in the truck with hub motors

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Seen this in another thread somewhere… still don’t get where the batteries are :confused:

Is this dupe? Let me know

They use one battery per motor - so a 1S1P x 4.

Maybe this is what we call an “All In One”

1 Motor - 1 Battery - 1 minute - 1 Meter


Wonder how that’ll work with vibration

they say on their website that they managed to put 4 cells in each truck so its actually a 8s 1p but still can you actually get 12km of range with an 8s1p and a 4wd even though they claim to have a patented winding technology to make their motors more efficient?

can you show me where it says 4 per truck? couldn’t find it.

there will also be phone induction charging through the baseplate :astonished:

I think the board ran out of juice by the end of that video :joy:


It also has a full desktop PC and built-in snack storage.


4 in each truck that aren’t connected to each other… more likely just 4s1p for each pair of motors maybe… Either way this thing is going to be a very light cruiser at best. No real performance capabilities. I do think the QI charger is cool though, and German engineering has a pretty great track record

Anybody else leery of their name? Jaykay = jk = just kidding? I think that’s a sign.


honestly i think this is the most absurd thing someone has tried to do…

Then again, looks like the one who is driving forward has some mechanical skills or a person to do that for him, so maybe just the time will tell how useful this whole concept is… :smiley:

Alright, if it´s from a fellow german engineer, we have to expect a phone charger, 360km range, 90% incline capability, anti-theft system, motorbike transformation system, health-check assis… just expect it to be kind of an ironman suit.

i’m saving my freshly sharpened sarcasm for a more deserving target. This actually has some level of merit.


Cool, if you like going 5 mph lol. I wonder what kind of amps it can do.

Anyone remember the la ronge or something, that did something similar, but the esc was in the baseplate instead? (this was like 2-3 years ago)

My question for this is how do you A) get that tiny esc inside the truck in the first place? and B) how do you replace it if it (I mean when it) breaks?

It’s really interesting. But I think jacobs attempt to mount the tiny circular VESCs on the truck is more likely to result in a board that can do more than 10 mph, as I’m not really interested in rolling at less than that.

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