In what hand do you hold remote?

I am right handed but I usually hold remote in my left hand. I find it equally easy to use the right or left hand to control the board. But I prefer the left hand because I ride goofy and I like my front hand (right) to be empty. I am just curious what hand other people are using (right or left, front or back).

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If you think about it it’s usually your dominant hand just for the fact that you can be precise, usually the non dominant hand is useless in a way because it’s just used to support your dominant hand, I tried to use my non dominant hand once as controller I couldn’t be precise and it felt weird just talking from experience not saying this is always true. Most of the time generally

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Not really. If you Train from day one to control the board 50% of the time with the dominant and the non dominant Hand you will get an about equal result. It is only the fact that People are lazy to learn stuff correctly / completly. Noone Needs to drive with both Hands equally good… it is already enough to control the board with one Hand only. But the longer you wait the harder it is to learn it symmertical

That applies to the riding too. Most of all riders only ride in one way but it would be much better if everyone is learning Switch :slight_smile:

I prefer to have somebody else hold my remote


This is basically what I did. From day one I used my non dominant hand, basically because I do not like to hold the remote in front of me like a gun and prefer to have it hidden in my rear hand. Maybe first few days it was slightly harder to use non dominant hand but after 1/2 year of riding it feels completely natural.

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I leave the remote at home and move my board with my jedi mind tricks. Using the force is cool :imp:

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i hold my remote behind me in my dominant hand. I’m left foot forward.

Usually I’m tucked into my efficiency zone, which for me is about 25-28mph because of my ratio, etc. I get the motors singing, tuck down and listen to them warble. Doing this maximizes efficiency and lets me get more out of my already massive battery. If i have groceries or something they’re usually tucked into my belly with my arm in sort of a bow (as in bow and curtsey) stance to protect whatever i have and keep it from flapping in the wind.

I heard @psychotiller’s mom has a killer curtsey stance and likes to trade thane in races, so watch out.

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Got used to using my non dominant hand(left hand) from day 1, and I ride regular. It just felt natural, tried using my right hand and it felt weird. Probably because when using the remote for rc cars, left hand is for throttle and right hand is for steering.

Hold it in your rear hand, so you can still throw a one-handed slide with your front hand! Definitely saved me from ending up in the hospital after my board got stuck on full throttle with no brakes

i always release the remote from my hand when i bail. That’s part of the reason i prefer thumb remotes, because of the whole RC car thing. I left handed my trigger remotes too and they all broke, so when i saw the thumb stick remotes i jumped on them. they’re rounded in shape so they can hit the ground at speed without shattering and use my “steering thumb” and also they don’t look anything like a gun because of the way they’re held.

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i do the same, but its good to practice with both hands… next up is learning to ride switch… :upside_down:

I ride regular and if it’s a trigger I put the controller in my left hand. If it’s a thumb controller I use my right hand.


I need to get me a thumb remote


I’m right-handed but use the remote in my left (leading) hand, that way when I stop and have to pick up the board I can carry the board in my right hand.

I play XBox (too much) so figured it wouldn’t take long to get my reactions/dexterity sorted for my non-dominant hand (and it didn’t).

I also need to try thumb remote sometime. So far I used mini remote, and I am pretty happy with it. It just keeps going like Energizer Bunny.

I ride left foot forward, and have the remote in my right hand with my thumb controller.

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I’m getting ready to experience my first Esk8 endeavor; I’ve never seen one in action in real life or touched one before. I skate goofy, right foot forward, and I’m right handed. I’ve been putting a lot of thought into this, so I can learn good habits from the get-go.

I usually carry my (regular) skateboards in my right hand, and when I start out, I hold it by the nose in my right hand and get a running start and drop it down and push off. I’m guessing I’ll want my right hand (dominant) free so I’m planning to train by holding the remote in my left hand, behind me. Like sash said, I also don’t want to hold it out in front of me like a gun, pointing it at people.

Having ridden motorcycles and some e-bikes for years, I’m already so used to controlling throttle with my right hand, so there’s that. I’m sure it would be much more intuitive to use my right hand for the new Esk8 remote, but I plan to force myself to learn “switch” throttling for this new endeavor.

I really wish I didn’t have to hold anything in my hand at all, but I’ll deal with it.

Well, it’s been a couple months, and I absolutely cannot use the throttle with my left hand at all! Whenever I’ve tried, I’ve about bashed myself into the asphalt, and looked silly about losing my balance. My left hand could probably be trained to get better, but my right hand is already just automatically smooth at it, so I can’t be bothered to try to use my remote ambidextrously.

It really sucks, because to run my dog, I now have to hold his leash in my left hand, but I skate goofy so… It twists my body to hold the dog with my trailing arm, ya know? It’s my own inadequacies as a skateboarder though, I should be better at skating switch, really, so my ramblings are all in poor taste. Good day.