[Inactive] Vesc android/iOS app

if you have a twin vesc set up then you can have both the ble and nunchuk

Yeah but can you get data from both ?

Can you send me the .apk for Android. I will PM you my email.

I’ll put my hand up for this. sounds like fun.

I want to help too. I already wrote you a pm :wink:

today i added a way of controlling the vesc via the data log page.

its just a basic slider and i might add more functions later, but for know it makes the vesc think that it is getting nunchuk values so we get the benefit of ramping. i was testing it today with @onloop it has a few bugs with the slider but that was all so complicated but is now fixed.

i will hopefully add a video very soon, I’m fixing some bugs that need to be fixed before i share the app with better testers


Like i said, i am actually a Software Developer. Maybe i can help you fixing the bugs?

ok then, i just want to get it finished my self as i have been working on this for over a year now, and asked for help back then and didn’t get any, now that i am not very long away from finishing i have had a lot of ppl asking for the source code, i just don’t want to loose the time and money i have put into this before i even get to release it.

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i also don’t want to hurt any one because i have missed some thing.

Super excited to see this come out!

yep, i’m up for this. I PMed my deets as well. Very excited to see data and do configs on my phone, especially while out riding. I’m planning to order the BT board this week if nothing wonderful happens.

Well, i will try to find the right ports on the connector myself but it would be good to see the wiring of the hm-10 module and the vesc uart plug.

on the bottom of the vesc if you look next to the pins there will be little labels.

we want to use the RX,TX,VCC,GRD

basically its the same on the module but you swap the RX and TX so RX on the vesc goes to TX on the module, and TX on the vesc goes to RX on the module.

@DeathCookies i have sent you emails with a custom firmware for the version 4.10 vesc to allow write config and the latest .apk

but i have made a lot of ui fixes since i last sent you the .apk and i will send u another one tonight.


Yeah, i already connected it like this way and setted “App Configuration” to use PPM (Receiver) and UART (HM-10). Also the Baudrate to 9600 but the i cannot find the hm-10 module in the app. My apporach: app --> settings --> scan --> it found nothing…

Also i have a wrong firmware… when i install your firmware the bldc tool says 4.16 but i need 4.15 for my vesc.

why do you need 4.15 for your vesc? 4.16 is the latest firmware version.

also there night be a few things that could be making it not find it, like your bluetooth is turned off in your phone settings.

or you module is set for master instead of slave.

or the SDK that i used for the building of the app

il have a look and can you please have a look

there is an app on the android app store called BLE Scanner, if you download that and just see that you can find the module and if you can the connect and send me a screen shot of what it shows

Now i got it sorted. It is working well. I wrote you a list of bugs i discovered :wink:

Hey Jacob, I sent my UDID and board is on it’s way.


The new VESC PHONE APP got a Big Mention & Demo in my last VLOG. Check it.


Looks awesome! Will the released version of this require a similar Bluetooth devise to be plugged into VESC?

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