Inboard battery bunk

It’s out now. You can watch it online if you login with a TV provider. Looks like you have to wait a week if not

Thanks. Will have to wait a week then. Not from usa myself unfortunately :smiley: unless I find somewhere online

I watched one of their earlier videos… where some kind of tech channel was reviewing their board and they said they are in (at that time) in the process with the manufacturers who make the ‘quality samsung batteries’… So it seems they probably switched to something else or samsung also makes LG or they just called that name to sound better… I bet the manufacturer does not care what they order and as everything is made by request…

cough @Hummie @jmasta @Okami cough

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Thanks, was willing to post a video from one of these stream sites but it was crapy… loads of ads…

Thanks for finding one on youtube!

Im sure many will find this part… Intriguing

Shark: Im pretty sure there are many other eskateboards out there… why is yours unique? They: ‘‘Well, because we created the first ever inwheel motor…’’ :smiley:

I assume they only compare visible side of what’s available in usa… evolve and boosted :smiley: perhaps including yuneec e-go

Why are they even looking for money since they made so much from Kickstarter?
The extent of any questioning related to power was “can it go up hills?”

Yea seriously. How much money do they need before they’ll really touched base with the industry? They haven’t even fulfilled their current orders yet. Why not wait till they have more to show for?

Hopefully the few boards they’ve shipped out have little to no issues. Just scares me on how stressed the battery will be even in normal situations. They will be sending out replacement batteries within their warranty period as far as I can tell. They won’t even be able to change the battery technology much without redesigning the board housing.

I think that’s not about money, that’s visibility. And I don’t think any of those businessmen know how many amperes would a double hub setup drain, so there was no point asking that

yeah, some already said it was just for exposure… though i kind of hate it that they still got the offer / money… with that kind of f… money they can probably launch 2-3 other boards by now…

Argh… marketing and convincing at play here…

yeh, the deal with asking more money while the seemingly first batch has not shipped yet… is kind of sketchy

@Hummie well… they answered what was asked… no questions about the % of incline… though, very fast paced conversion… and that numbers game also seemed stressed at the end…

As evohyax was mentioning in the raptor thread the limitation on all these board’s power, the real bottleneck, is the li-ion cells. All the esc must be set tragically low power. I still don’t understand what power they are really putting out and if it does possibly change from the peak 1500 to 1000 continuous, as in this stated specs with inboard @mellowboard. Especially with hub motors

Their failure to realize their battery bottleneck might have something to do with their electrical engineers going to UCSC and SJSU. Not the greatest engineering schools. Meanwhile, Boosted hires people from Tesla and Stanford.

But even hobbyists such as us can figure this out. They know what they’re doing for sure. They’re sales people taking advantage of the large majority of buyers not having a clue