Inboard Hub Motor Design

I was curious to find out how the Inboard designed their hub motors and it seems that they do not have grooves to keep the wheel on the motor or to stop slipping of the wheel.

Hummie and others use grooves to stop slippage but I believe Jacob’s hubs lacked proper grooves. Will Inboard possibly experience slippage under hard acceleration and braking?



It all depends on how tight the urethane is fitted. With Jacob’s Hubs the problem was a difference in urethane between batches. His prototypes never had the problem. So having a smotth surface might also be ok when the urethane is sized perfectly.

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Oh I see. They will probably be perfectly fitted wheels because I believe Orangatang is making them.

Wouldn’t they be really hard to pop off and put on if they are that tight?

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polyurethane gets soft when it gets hotter. little hub motors get hot. what happened to the manta drive or whatever they were calling it with grooves I wonder or maybe that was another company. do those motors fit on regular skate hangers or is the hanger unique with aluminum lathed back some? wondering how big a motor it is. There’s no magic and every hub motor is using the same type of radial magnetic interface of a standard outrunner and size will largely determine heat and power. hub motors have a greater load on them since they have no gearing, obviously, and they need to be bigger to perform as well as a geared drive. I’d love to see a real exploded view. it would reveal the power and mechanical strength.

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