Inboard M1 Battery

Hi guys, i’m new on esk8. I have Inboard M1 and 2 original batteries. And i got max distance ~ 12 miles in intermidiate mode. I read that battery not good, and thinking that it’s ok because: different weather, temperature, torque and riders weight. My Inboard goes 210 miles in total with these batteries and all batteries died. I’m thinking that it’s very strange and unnormal. Because all 18650 elements sustain ~200 cycles charging/recharging. But Ok.I bought the Samsung 25R and replace original LG HE4, but interesting things start happening. I resoldered all original HE4 by the original Samsung 25R. Native BMS was saved. New batteries 100% genuine. But as result, I got max distance ~ 10 miles. And a few days ago inboard won’t turn on with those batteries, indicator said “discharged". Changer won’t charging batteries too. I’m thinking OMG, but my words sound more unformal and powerfull. I disasemble batteries and descovered – almost all batteries has 3.72V, but one of 3.5V. I soldered charger directly to this cell and charge it ro 3.72V. After this manipulation charger start charging and when it’s done I repeat measures. I was surprised – all cells has 3.92V. I rode one week, and desided to measere discharged batteries. I’ts almost killed me. All cells has 3.5V! By datasheet Low discharge border is 2.5V, max charging border 4.2V. I reality PowerShift BMS not charging higher 3.92V-3.93V by cells. And not discharge lower then 3.5V. BMS not uses full cell capacity. I will make new battery with 20700 cells with BMS for Native chagrer. If someone wants to join – welcome. As u see my english is bad, because i live in Belarus, country near Poland and Lithuania.

Today each cell on fully charger battery show 3.8V. WTH?!?

Thinking that main reason why Inboard has bad battery – is bad BMS!



Can you use 21700 battery?

I need help to find a battery charger for Inboard M1

where do u live? I have one, and can sold to u.

I added additional layer of plywood and now using 2p12s. Made new batteries and charge it with ISDT q6.

Do you have an original one? I live in Italy but it’s not a problem, I can use an adapter and I can send an express courier to your home.

I’m in the same place as well. Both batteries don’t charge after about less than a year of use. If I connect them to a charger, nothing. But holding the battery indicator flashes full battery lights, and then off and back on. And what makes it ever worse, is that M1 liquidated recently. So, you can’t even buy new batteries, so this might be my only option. I would love to possibly make a new battery for my Inboard cause if I don’t it’s practically a 1,000 dollar paperweight…

I’m interested to hear if you find someone who will make you new batteries because I’m in the same place.

Hi guys, here some news about bateries.

  1. I abandoned the idea of using the original charger and original batteries, because I have big complaints about how this works.
  2. I didn’t want to invent a bicycle or to develop any independent solution. I mean the BMS and or custom charging board. Since such developments need security testing. We all know how dangerous lithium is in batteries.
  3. I tried to use Chinese boards to balance the charge, and almost burned my garage. Therefore, I abandoned the idea of using boards from aliexpress.
  4. I divided my battery into 2 independent blocks. 6 cells each and charge them with iSDT Q6.
  5. I added 20A self- recoverable fuse protection from my car between battery and e-board.
  6. I use thermal-relay for control overheating. Native board control discharge.
  7. For better usability I made new case for battery by 3d printing.
  8. Yes , Yes, there are some inconveniences with the charging process, but the operating time of the board has increased.
  9. You can use different batteries of different sizes, due to which to get different battery life.

I can make such decisions for everyone, but I’m not ready to deal with piece orders, I’m ready to make batteries if at least 10 pieces are assembled for assembly. Ready to buy bulk chargers and power supplies for them. Below is google spreadsheets in which you can place your application so that I can estimate the number of applicants. I will upload real photos soon.

I live in Belarus but can ship worldwide and have ability for cheap shipping by EU from Poland by DPD.

I’m also interested here!

Each cell has to be balanced right other ways the battery’s gonna think O im full the bms is shit on this because of this

Very interested :slight_smile:

Was trying to do this myself, would rather support you and buy one from you. I added my name to your list.

you guys are replying in a really old thread. @Winfly in San Francisco has build a new battery pack that will be sold through his site. Go check it out and email him on future availability. I’m not sure he check this forum anymore as we are mostly on the Esk8 news forum or Facebook groups

Also interested!!

Guys, I’m living in Belarus and now here not good time for peoples. I cant assemble the batteries, but I discovered the way to install 48 cells instead 12. I created channel on Telegram when I will describe process. Welcome to join —

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Hi Dominik, I’m interested to buy your battery, we’re a group who bought the M1 model and all need to replace it, I can start by testing 1, if it works we’d like to buy 10. If interested, could you please email me on [email protected] Thank you in advance

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they are no longer building them for the M1

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New battery for M1 coming soon! More info on the end of July 2021. Also I designed the new wheels, it bigger then stock and provide more stability and control on bad surfaces and high speed. Feel fre to join to my channel for getting more info.