Inboard m1 cap sense/touch sync area modification

So I recently bought an inboard m1 without battery, charger, or remote. After purchasing everything, the skateboard wouldnt turn, i decided to go ahead and open it up to take a peak at the electronics. The moment i unplugged the “cap sense/touch sync area” the boards lights flickered indicating that the board is recieving power. I went ahead and tried to replace the wire that connected the cap sense to the esc to see if that would fix it and it did not. I was wondering if anybody knew how to make a modification that would replace the cap sense device. It uses five wires to connect to the esc with jst 5 pin connectors.

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Pics? Maybe




The first pic is where it connects to the esc and the second pic is the actual cap sense device

Any ideas?

Not really these custom PCB are really finicky if you mess with em

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is the second piece custom? my board doesnt have that, im having the same problem as you