Inboard M1 esc module

Hi all!

I’ve an M1 and I’d like to use / mod its ESC.

It has an Arm processors and USB port so it might be “easy” to reprogram.

Do you have any experience with it?

Prolly not «easy» if you miss the source code ^^

This is first time I see InBoard’s ESC…I guess there is noone with experience :slight_smile: I dont even think it is a good idea to do that :slight_smile:

Mod the ESC to do what? I highly doubt it will be easy to do anything firmware wise looking at how nicely they’ve implemented software updates through their app.

has anyone back hacked the app yet? it would be nice to set this up to work with the app again. if not we should be looking at a workaround. one idea has been replacing the ESC with another brand. FOCBOX maybe or flip sky. though we lose the use of the light this way.