Inboard M1 NEW Beta Test Video & Tour Update

Didn’t read through it much. Just saw the video. The board looks so sexy…honestly if it performed better or as good as a d+ I’d pick it up. @longhairedboy I can’t wait to see what you can do if you make a super low profile hub motor board…

Edit: Also should be heads up to every big esk8 company to get a badass bag. Such a nice touch on their part. Even that little sensor on the board to pair the remote…geez. They will definitely be taking people’s money in NYC. Looks like a regular skateboard and can be used like one to avoid cop suspicion (they’re getting banned over there) :stuck_out_tongue: I’d bet you can even carry it on a flight (without saying what it is)!!


The board looks great, and everything about it screams quality. The bags and cases are definitely great perks to owning one. Hoping they do well when they finally get the product to market.


But that 99wh battery for two hub motors…:frowning:

yea… the one saving grace is it’s easily swappable. They should’ve opted for a dual battery option like boosted. It will be one of the few boards easily brought onto a plane though

yeah…but it seems like you would need at least 3 batteries to get a decent range :slight_smile:

Seriously looks slick, but lacks power. 99Wh is crap, I’d have to buy 4 batteries. But you could pass this off as a normal skateboard. The performance sucks though.

I don’t think @longhairedboy has built any hub motor boards yet. Initially when I was talking to him he did mention that he could do a carvon hub motor board, but I ended up going with belt drive for torque.

I later started thinking about doing my own build with carvon hub motors, I know it will be a pain… So I’m still wondering if I want to go the DIY route, or just get another good commercial board.

super low profile drop decks would require the cells to be inside the deck, meaning carbon/maple composite decks with sealed top lids and hub motors. I have images in my head. It can totally be done, and i feel like people in the DIY community have done it. I’ve seen motor controllers inside of truck risers, cells sealed into decks, charge ports and buttons top side going down into the risers, there’s all kinds of craziness that’s possible.

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Looks really high quality but do the headlights/taillights turn off? That may get in the way of being stealthy as a regular skateboard. I haven’t heard of electric skateboards getting banned in NYC, is that a recent thing?

My only big rant here is that Leo isn’t throwing any helmets on these guys which feels a little irresponsible for a major commercial push. They take a dig at Boosted yet Boosted does a pretty good job at showing helmets on all of their riders (they must have a good legal team). Even in that Casey Boosted 2 video, they say he should be wearing a helmet. It seems Inboard is more about selling these boards as fast as possible without any regard for safety. I just can’t support a company that doesn’t care if their riders get hurt or not because that shit sucks and it can happen to anyone at anytime.


This guy totally sounds like New York.

anger management issues too…