Inboard m1 spare battery in EU?

Hi, is it even possible to get just battery in Eu?

Seems like most places sell just complete boards…

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(quick google search)

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How about finding a 3d printed case and build a pack with better cells, like 40T if they fit ? That would be noice

Yes, was thinking about this also. Case seems quite wide indeed


maybe you can make it a 12s1p instead by eliminating all that extra space :stuck_out_tongue:

Can the inboard esc run on 12s?

its actually a 12s1P. The side of the casing has 2 extra cells.

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Turns out I participated in inboards battery discussion a while ago, they seemed to use 20A cells in there


They are HG2 iirc

I hope this thread isn’t dead. I recently bought a used M1 and am very interested in making a custom battery pack for it with some higher capacity cells.

I opened up one of the PowerShift battery packs I got with the board and found the following

The cells they use are LG HE4 18650 2500mAh 20A.

The BMS is a PCM-L13S15-876(A). However that BMS is a 13s, and the PowerShift only has 12 cells. Also, one of the MOSFETs was missing from the BMS. If you look closely you can see it missing in the picture Okami posted above.

I’m still learning about battery packs, but it seems like making one with some Samsung 40T 21700 4000mAh 30A would be pretty awesome.

If anyone has knowledge or experience they are willing to share, I’d LOVE to hear it.

And if anyone wants to partner up on this project, it would be great to share the load and do this is bulk.


i’m in. Now i’m create new battery for native charger with new BMS and 20700 cells.Possible to make 2 version:

  1. 12s by 4500Mh 15A 2 12s by 4250 30A

I can make all, and when all it’s done will ship batterypacks. In March 2020 all will ready.

Have you made any progress with this? I would love to purchase a replacement batter pack for my inboard M1

@selfmadevisionz Try contacting @klaus79856 He had a battery for sale a while ago

Thank you for the help. I will reach out.

You making battery for Inboard M1?

Yes, PM me.


I’m interested in a battery if you know how to build one.

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Hi I’m interested to either have you build me a battery or for you to repair my broken one for an m1 board. If you’re interested let me know.




It is just 12 cells in there. If bms works and allows external replacement, shouldnt be that hard.

But yeh wait what @dominikzorgie says. I think he is UK based, im in Latvia (north EU)