Inboard's Published Market Research

Inboard’s sales leaflet from Surf Expo.


Obviously every company is going to try to say that their product is the best, thats why there are like 7 boards that are named “lightest board on the market”.

Interesting - they have their retail margins on there @35% so around $1,035 wholesale. ’

Abitility to push without power” Hahaha, if you have any electric skateboard and you dont have power THEN the motor will block the wheel and you cannot push. What did they smoke/drink when they came to that conclusion? :joy:

Yea, it’s pretty dumb. Those last few are really dumb categories that make inboard look like a marketing gimmick to me (which they have until this point). Thank you @Rasha for posting this. Great insight into inboard, and how they are marketing.

That could be for retailers so the boards are sold to them and the retailer gets 35%. I know a local bikes store that’s been propositioned by some board co.

Compared to the pulley drive motors i think it’s fair to claim better ability to push without power

Yah, thats definitely what it is. The more interesting side of this is that Inboard can cover their parts, services and profit for around 1k a board.

Yea, but mellow uses hubs too, which should in theory, have the same ability as inboard to be pushed without power, but they don’t mark them.

They did not say that this board has a better ability to push without power… They said that is has the ability to push without power. That implies that other eboards cannot do this and that is totally wrong. It would be better if they said like in my first sentence. But Hey, that is Marketing at its Best :smiley:

Uh…last I checked, the Mellow is weatherproof too…

Like @DeathCookies said, that’s marketing :unamused:

Boards with belts have more resistance than hub motors when rolling with out power, right?

That is true but it is totally different story than i told… to combine mine and your sentence is absolute out of context…

In other words: Inboard said that you cannot drive an eboard without power. Like it will block the wheels from spinning…

I think they mean, to me, is that it spins freely with no resistance like a regular longboard without that belt + gear resistance so you can coast much longer like a regular longboard. I think the point is that the belt resistance really sucks when pushing a dead belt driven motor. i would have to agree that it does.

I am sorry for the others but i need to get it straight with you :smiley:

Ability to push without power

That means you can push the inboard without power but you cannot push any other board without power. Thats like they said…

bad marketing…they can claim anything but no lies…

While i appreciate this teachable moment, Allow me to apologize to the others as well for setting this straight. I think the point they were making is similar to saying I can push a Razor motor scooter when it is dead but you wouldn’t want to. I can push a car, A regular razor scooter is like A hub motor and rolls on bearings like a regular longboard when its dead so you can skate home old-school.

At least that is what i understood from it. But i see your point