Increase starting torque without increasing throughout?

Hey all. Running two Focbox’s on FOC. Is there any setting you can increase starting torque, without increasing power throughout the rest of the range??? I’m happy with power everywhere else and don’t want more. But I do want more from 0-5% rpm. Cheers

sounds like referring to acceleration?

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Adjust your throttle curve via vesc tool.

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I’ve played with the throttle curve and it gives a little of the effect I’m chasing. But it’s not exactly what I’m after. Was wondering if there’s a specific start only setting

Which gearing and which motors you rock? If your start up torque not strong enough and you already adjusted the throttle curve than you probably need to change parameters there.

Went upto 15% but back down to 10% It’s good at 15% for a bit more kick from start, but then it’s uncomfortably aggressive everywhere else for my liking.

I’ve got it geared very tall for high speed. Lacroix deck 18-66t 8’ tyres. Motors are sealed Maytech 6374 170kv

Getting some 17t made up. But still, that will increase torque everywhere though the range

I wouldn’t wonder with it. Change the motor pulley to 15th that should give you already a good start up torque.

Thx, did some maths and 17t is as small as I want to go… love the top end and high cruising speed.

17th will not change that much. With 18th you geared up for 70km/h :sweat_smile: :tipping_hand_man:

It’s a reduction of about 5% Currently my board will do only 54kph. I don’t think the 170kv from Maytech is accurate

Yap everybody how he think it’s best fit for riding. What‘s your max speed you ever reached? Just curious, :sweat_smile: i‘m not a speak freak and interested how long the deck stay stable without speed wobbles

If it does only 54kph than check the kV via vesc tool. You should get way higher speed with this gearing.

Increase motor amps and leave battery amps the same or reduce them

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I’ve taken it to 51kph. Just cause I wanted to crack 50😁 But it’s not comfortable at all. The 17t will top out at 50kph. I just like how the motors purr at around 70-80 rpm at high cruising speed

Yeah that’s what I thought when doing the maths. I’ll check the Kev next time I open it up. I was expecting 6000+motor rpm. Works out to stop at 5500rpm

Thx, that makes sense

Raise motor amps as hummie suggested. Makes a big diffrence IMO. Recently went from 60 to 70A and it was a big change.

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Oh, and part reason the maths is different from real life, is. A 200mm tyre is actually 185mm. To get a correct reading on Xmatic. And just measured with a ruler