Increasing z-axis space under enclosure - cut into board? rubber gasket? new enclosure?

Seems I’ve just made my battery too tall, and I can’t fit my enclosure over it (using eBoosted’s vanguard v2 10s4p enclosure), so now I’m trying to explore options for my next step.

I figure the easiest option would be to place something between the perimeter of the enclosure and the deck to get more space under the enclosure, but the question then becomes, what can I use - I have zero 3D modelling skill, so I’m cutting 3D printing something out of the picture. My next thought was some sort of thick rubber gasket; figure this could help somewhat with water resisting, and more importantly, could mold to fit the curvature of my deck and the enclosure. Just not sure what kind of rubber to look into for this and/or where to buy it.

My next thought was to cut an inlet sort of thing out under the enclosure in my deck (kinda like how the decks in this thread are made). Considerations with that would be how thick my deck is and how the heck I’d cut it like that.

My final thought is to give up on the enclosure and just go for a larger one, which I’m considering, if I can find something cheap enough - luckily I’ve made enough of a mess out of this first project that I don’t care much about looks anymore, so if any of y’all know any cheap, preferably water resistant case options I’d love to hear!

Anyhow, what do y’all think? Any suggestions/tips?

You can use a thick closed cell foam gasket from a sheet of foam. There are several types and thicknesses to choose from on Mcmaster. The foam density will play a role in how easily it compresses so go for a denser foam.

A 3D printed gasket works as well and isn’t hard to model or print.

I think I’m about to run into the same issue. I think I’ll use some thin wood around the edge of the battery cutout. And some weatherstripping type foam on top of that to properly seal it. Should be getting to that step in a week or two.