Incredible price for Mavic Pro Fly More Combo

Hop in EU guys!!!

I just ordered one because i think they fucked up with the price tag and actually meant to list Spark. We’ll see what happens lol


Maybe the price dropped because of Air announcement?

Check the other listings. Very strange drop

lol thats awesome! Price everywhere else is what? Over 1000€?

For this combo its 1200€+

ah see it now! I think they messed up the “1” in front of the price!

Guys I’m buying this. Please tell me I can sure af sell it for the same price if I dont need it :rofl:

This tho

I am selling as soon as i get it

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If you buy 2 and flip one for 1200, you basicly get a free mavic

Its an Italian Bank code?

No Paypal plus this … makes me suspicious.

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Same crazy shit:

Nevermind. They corrected the price. We’ll wait and see. I think i’m pretty much protected with ebay and paypal.

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Yeah I bought one too. Thanks for the tip. I guess they are just going to refund but here is wishful thinking…

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Admins can probably delete this thread.

F* I missed it. Can you guys let me know how this goes for you, if you’ll get it or not ?

Hell no! I want you guys to post pic when/if you get them for the price you paid :smiley:


Dji mavic platinum costs about 1000€

How much you pay boi?

649€ for one.


Nevermind saw it

Meh deal is off. Idiots had their password cracked lol. Ebay cancelled the sale and will refund.