Indiegogo campaign for electric 2 wheel skateboard

Yiiboard: First Ever 2-Wheel Electric Skateboard

Indiegogo campaign for electric 2 wheel skateboard.

Looks good for a toy…

Motorized rip stick … I like it

It looks hard to ride. Better start doing ankle mobility exercises!

Chinese rebrand of this guy it seems

It seems you can’t go super fast …but I’ve never rode a rip stick…I do admire the little kids I see using it…

I think the fear of two wheels will keep a lot of people away from getting it…

It’s priced like an expensive kids toy and if it works for ha ha’s — why not? I can’t see it as an alternative to an esk8…it seems too unstable.

there was totally a guy on reddit saying he was going to build a motorized ripstick, he wanted a 50mph build lol. A number of people laughed it off but he claimed they are quite stable at high speeds. I doubt the guy ever did anything except talk on the forums, but this shows that it’s a thing. He should buy one of these, rip it apart and jack up the power lol!

edit: omg the IGG page is comedy gold. Considering all these guys did was rebrand an import. You gotta read the bios, if it starts with the word “genius” it must be true:

Cool Innovation, but if I was commuting everyday, I wouldn’t want to worry about balancing.