Indoor esk8 event! (NL) (5feb)

Ladys and gentlemen For those who are interested in esk8. 5feb fatdaddy and friends are organizing an indoor track day. If u wish to be involved and test boards and receive tech tips or other info please join us for a fantastic day. join up and be added to the whatsapp group dealing with the event.

we see you the 5th of februari!


I would love to go there but it’s a pitty that it is outside the holiday period and during the week. I’ll probably take a day off to make it there. @rey8801 @pjotr47 will you also go to the Fatdaddy event? It’s not that far from home :slight_smile:

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o yeah pjtor will come for sure :slight_smile:
@rey8801 @mikedv i hope you can come as well. it wil be super fun!

i want to see @pjotr47 's new build , think he is also buys with a Trampa build . There’s no doubt it will be fun. If i can take a day off the 5th i’ll be there for sure with 2 boards and a spare battery if anyone needs.

Looks great. Are there more info than the info provided in the link? Whats going to happen? Is it a competition?

Yeh during the week is kinda difficult for me. Great event for sure BTW. Well done guys!

I would also prefer during the week but taking a day off shoudln’t be an issue for me. If it is the same track as on the incoor karting’s site then it looks really really nice btw…

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Really nice truck. I think that bindings would help a lot for sharp turns

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Haha, I’ll definitely come :slight_smile: I hope my trampa is ready. I am still waiting on parts :confused: If somebody wants to go and have no car; I can pick up you around brussels / antwerp

@davidbonde It is just making some fun, No competition only riding, talking and eat/drink

Because it is in the week it is difficult, In the weekend it was unpossible or we must pay a huge amount off money. Now it’s only 12.5euro the person :wink:


Hi guys. I am the guy thats been arranging it so far. Tijl (fatdaddy owner) has really given it the extra touch we needed to make it a big event. There will be NO racing because of safty rules. Its a fun day riding i am sure there will be some who want to race but we can talk about that on the day its self. I would like as many people as possible to etend and be helping funders of this amazing event. There will be tech tips and advice about many things. Possibilities to test boards and meet other esk8ers. If u have any questions just ask but allso inrole and help fund this event and join us in the whatsapp kart track groep. More info will follow in that chat groep from this thursday after i have spoken to jack owner of the kart track. Remember guys safety first Cheers aaron aka (tricky)


20190115_150432 My ride will be the trampa



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Come on guys join us! Help fund this event We could use all the help we can get

Impression of the track


Looks awesome wish I could be there.

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Looks awesome. I’ll do my best to make it there the 5th.A hope you’ll organise many similar events in a near future. I’ll come whenever possible!

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Maybe u can do a carpool with pjotr or and others guys. Dont forget to signup on the fatdaddy site!!

signed up and payment done :slight_smile: Looking forward to be there!

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i would love to be there but still building my first board

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There will be test boards and boards to ride dont worry. Join us at this amazing event