Indoor Skatepark Race - How it can be done?

Cement… and wood

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Hey bro… yeah that was a lot of fun. It was awhile ago but let me see if I can remember a few things:

  • It was a GoKart track meant for Sodi GT5 Indoor Racing Karts based-off a racing designed chassis equipped with 6.5 HP Honda Engines, slick racing tires and hydraulic brakes.

  • The hairpin turns were killer and some riders were at an advantage depending on stance.

  • Carvon EVO was a little too big for this kind of track, a Jet Spud with some softer bushings was probably ideal.

  • Weight and height didn’t have a huge effect on outcome more than experience and confidence.

  • It was fun doing timed sessions and the organization made it “feel” official.

  • It was competitive but overall everyone just had a good time because we never did an ESK8 race before. Even the owners and GoKart regulars were interested in watching us.


Kart track makes a great venue spot. Speeds don’t get crazy and the course, techinal. Definitely equalizes the boards and makes a riders track where maintaining momentum is King. The 42" wheelbase (106cm) raceboard steering adjusts well to kart track racing. Park track racing? I could have a sauce ready for October. IMG_20180411_213648 IMG_20180414_173446_223


@MoeStooge you got a shred stick for every occasion…

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@RunPlayBack & @MoeStooge how about slippage? Reduced speeds, less cornering grip…all seems like it would be a difficult condition to race

The Kart track I raced on in Colorado was an epoxy overlay with an abrasive grit like surface. Urethane had surprisingly decent grip. Some kart tracks I’ve been on spray a syrup to tack up the track while others leave a polished concrete slick surface. It just depends on the track.

The place I thinking of … (and you know what Im talking about) has smooth floors and wood…thats what I am working on at the moment…

If racetrack is too slick… it may end up looking like the keystone cops :policeman:t2: on Esk8…although funny…not fun for the racers