Inductance problem?

Hi everyone, I need a bit of advice building a 12s setup with a focbox. I’m concerned about an inductance issue that might occur due to the length of the wires. I read that I should avoid cables longer than 30cm, But in my case there is only one polarity which has to be quite long ( 50cm).
Also it worth mentioning that I’m using large flat copper tape, 5cm by 0.065mm thickness. And I know using flat cables next to one another will prevent huge inductance. Still, what do you guys think about that? Thanks for you inputs

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  1. Inductance does not discriminate when it comes to polarity so I dont thing that is relevant.
  2. All the copper inlaid boosted inspired people use wires that are longer than 50cm and I have not heard of any problems so far.

I built a Boosted clone with fairly long wires, and I have never had a problem. They seem to have more influence when running FOC, and I’m currently upgrading it to FOC, so we’ll see. :slight_smile:

Thats what im afraid of. I also have a boosted like board and the thing ran perfectly fine on bldc with 4.12 vesc. I switched to FOC and all of a sudden the vesc was overheating. I’ll report back when i test it with FOCBOX.

I didn’t do the math but thickness of the wire effects the inductance too what size equivalent cylindrical wire would you be using?

I’ve never incounterd that problem with my 4wd and it’s a 39inch deck and from one end to another running foc with no problem but I think this because am using 10awg

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Did you ran 4.12 vescs at any point? I’m also using 10 awg.

Am running 4x focbox With 10awg and a battery of 12s6p 30qp

Here’s a basic layout without the cables

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Good to know. My hopes are high. :grinning:

6mm2 so basically very big wire XD cause I’ll double each wire

Also is there any issue with 50cm canbus wires? You guys are truly helpful!

I steer away from canbus in my opinion don’t like the fact that if one vesc dies u have another perfectly fine vesc that is useless if it happens while riding. I always use ppm y splitters, with my 4wd it was a no brainer that ppy y splitter for 4 vesc far away from each other was impossible to do I did 2 receivers and 2 ppm y splitters but I have then switched to 4 receivers one per vesc for more redundancy.

Hi everyone,

I’ve recently received my Unity and I’ve been trying to get everything set up for the past few weeks, but I keep running into the same error and haven’t found a solution. When running the motor detection I keep getting the error “L is 0. Please measure it first.” Has anyone had a similar issue or know of a solution? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been working on this project for more than six months and am desperate to get out and ride.