Inexpensive VESC Enclosure

Here is a few pics of my VESC enclosure. It’s a plastic enclosure and the VESC fits inside very nicely. Snug, but fits.

The cutout is for the heat sink. In my application, it allows me to eliminate an air intake and an exhaust fan. I used an exacto knife to make the cutout, (not the safest way, but worked). Drilled holes for wire exits, Haven’t cut anything else out yet, (USB, receiver, etc., but easy enough to).

Probably the best part is, it’s really an inexpensive enclosure. Only $4.08 each. You can get it from Polycase.

So check it out, a durable, protective, easy to work enclosure for the VESC. And inexpensive!


nice find. the vesc should come stock like this!

i did a printed case, where did you get the heatsinks?

Thanks sual! The heat sink came from Ollin Board Co. They are $25.00, but you have to be purchasing a VESC from them also. Nice heat sink though. I’ll bet your printed case is cool.

Does a receiver fit in there as well?

why would you want a receiver in there

For my remote

no shit sherlock :rofl:

but why do you want it in the case so bad?

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I want it to be protected from dust and water

do you not have an enclosure?

Not for my vesc right now. My remote is coming today

No the receiver does not fit in there. But Polycase makes a number of different sizes and styles of enclosures. They are really inexpensive and quite sturdy.

Do I need an enclosure? Using focbox on 9s.

That’s up to you. Might be nice to have some protection, and maybe, be somewhat water resistant.