Infinity trucks, trampa motor mounts , pulleys (closed)

Hello, anyone has some trampa infinity trucks , motor mounts , wheel pulleys or other mountainboard stuff To sell or trader? Preferably from EU.

I’ve got some 6374s a dual esc that is great on eMTB, 12s BMS, remote and a few other items that I’m selling.

This is where I posted everything but the dual alien power systems esc. Here’s the link to the esc. $200 for the esc

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I’ve still got a complete drive train with idlers laying around.

Location, Germany.

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Hello, thanks mate but meanwhile i’ve bought some focboxes . I am still looking for 6374’s but preferably in the eu . How much are you asking for the motors? I’ll check if you have other interesting parts in your previous post.

meanwhile i’ve also bought a mount .But iam still looking for motors and Trampa trucks. I would have bought your mount if i hadn’t found such a nice bargain --> 50 euro for the okp limited edition mount (from a forum member). Your mount looks great by the way, love the Idea mounts. I ask around if someone is interested.

$100 a piece.