Infinity vs Vertigo trucks

I am wondering if anyone has any strength issues with vertigo trucks considering they are hollow where as the infinity are solid.

Personally I would choose infinity, just because of them being more simple than vertigos Never seen any of them crack tho

The only difference for me right now is price vs colored baseplate

You will spend more money than you planned for sure, get the electronics first than the board, they are always in stock

I have all my electronics. Only need to buy @Nowind direct drive with helicals and the trampa. I have a few days to make my decision

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The cutouts are a weak point. Online you’ll find a few reports of these trucks bending around those cutouts. @rich bent one, but he smashed it against concrete.

I personally went for the solid trucks. The weight savings are hardly worth it imo.

I’ve bent a few Vertigo Hangers in my time. The cut-outs do significantly weaken them, not worth the weight saving IMO unless you’re a freestyle pro that never crashes. Also, they have hollow axles which bend a lot easier than the solid ones. I only use Infinity Hangers now. Though I do still use the Vertigo Baseplates as the weight saving cuts on these do not impact their strength.

I had problems with my vertigo trucks. After some weeks wanted to change my gearing but the axles where blended a bit which made it hard to remove and set back the wheels. Didn’t effect the ride tho, but wasn’t a pleasure to change. I don’t know how it happened, first I thought my belts too tight and caused the problem. Than changed the from to the back and lowered the pressure on the belts but after one week I had the same problem there too. Still don’t know from where it came. I now go with infinity with my next build. Expacted a better performance.

To be correct, I smashed one motor riding backwards against the edge of a concrete wall which caused a broken motor and bent vertigo hanger where the kingpin is. Thanks for reminding me, what an awful experience :laughing:

As others mentioned I would choose Infinity Hanger at least at the rear truck. I don’t have problems with my front Vertigo Hanger at all but the rear one is multiple bent, there is much more weight and force on the rear hanger. I bent the rear kingpin, too.

Pictures speak louder than words… Demonstration with a piece of wood, here the front hanger which is still straight


Rear hanger, no comment :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Question to @AndyBigD as you have experience with several hangers :wink: I have one Infinity Hanger which is too much bent by factory but the hole is straight. With 2x 3mm bushings it could barely fit when I change the baseplate. But because of the crooked hanger one bushing touches the hanger on a tiny point only and I’m afraid that’s gonna kill the bushing much faster (which is one of my problems right now). Did you ever had such bad bushing contact and it survived?



Can’t say I’ve had a bushing setup quite that bad! Contact faces are sometimes wonky but never to that extreme. If it were me I’d try and bend the two uprights of the hanger outward and use a thinner bushing to try get a flatter contact…

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I reckon as you’ve shown it that bushing won’t last long at all. It will be angled in relation to the hole so you’d have the sharp corners of the hole digging into the bushings

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You answered it:

That’s why I can’t bend it because the holes were drilled straight in the angled hanger at factory. I could fill the gap between bushing and hanger with something to keep the holes in line, that’s the only solution I could think of.

The reason why I damage bushings so fast in the vertigo hanger is the angle (about 1.5mm bent inwards) plus the holes are bigger that’s why bushings can rotate. Instead of 10mm (new condition) they are 10.08 and 10.16mm, tried kapton tape to fill the gap but that doesn’t last long.

Well that makes things awkward doesn’t it!!! I was thinking they’d bent since you had them. But bent from the factory!? That’s crap! Though if the holes are all straight and inline, there may not be as much of an issue

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No they are brand new, never used, only machined by @Nowind for the direct drive. I recognized that the hanger is bent a few mm more than normal when trying to mount it. But there is no warranty because it’s machined already :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. But I guess it’s still better than my bent Vertigo hanger with bigger holes :laughing:.

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Same here. Most certainly not isolated.

Funny how I could write this whilst completely forgetting what my latest Hanger is like… Just as bent! Though as I mentioned, as long as holes are aligned and gaps are correctly spaced, all should be good. A correctly spaced set-up lets the kingpin nut tighten up fully against the shoulder of the kingpin bolt. And I needed to fill a gap larger than the 3mm bushings would let me so here was my solution; 20180817_080804

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Also, for some unknown reason, the top hat holes are drilled for M6 when they should be for M5.

Building an AT soon so this thread is very helpful! I think i’ll go with the Infinity. Screw the extra weight, it’s gonna be an AT with big wheels and battery haha.

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Exactly. Weight savings is nice for kite boarders, though some find holes aesthetically pleasing (that came out wrong).


Less holes mean easier to clean/wipe! (this applies if you treat your board like your wife and clean it after every ride)