Influx of new good esc's

I’m on the road but think it’s important for us to get on the same page, there are lots of new esc’s and what used to cost 145 we are getting for 90 now, Are all esc prices going to drop? or is it just now that you can get great price esc’s and then back to normal?

Maybe we should wait, before buying everything that seems like a good deal.

The short answer is yes, the long answer is a little more complicated. When a widget is new and supply is limited, the price is high. WHen a widget is not so new, new versions become available, more and more factories tool up to make the widget, prices will fall as competition increases.

This old adage exists for a reason though…

Cheap ain’t good and good ain’t cheap, buyer beware.

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The leader has spoken xd.

So in the coming months would you forsee unity alternatives? For less, maybe dual vesc 6.6

Because it’s seems like enertion wants you to buy right now, and claims that it will never be cheaper

Something to take away from this, these guys had a hiccup and are offering four separate immediate options for buyers to make it right.


There are already Unity alternatives, before unity came out :). The Flipsky Dual FSESC4.20 is one of them.

Enertion wants you to buy right to fund production, its a commonly used business model. Its likely the price will never be significantly lower than it is right now, but my prediction is in 6 months you will be able to get them all day long for $250.

The price of the Unity will not be $400, maybe the list price will be, but the actual sale price will be much lower. The only reason the Unity or any other dual VESC 4 will sell at all is because its either cheaper or the same as x2 VESC 4’s and is easier to install or contains some other bonus.


Regarding the dual VESC6, I think it’s likely but I really don’t understand the desire for duals.

If I understand correctly, you can use a single switch on multiple ESC’s assuming it is a SPDT or momentary switch, so why would all your eggs in one basket be a good thing?

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Not to forget about Black Fridays and other promotions which will be run in future. Don’t see a reason to hurry up if you don’t need it now

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It’s scary how unbiased you are.


I just try to use logic to make my decisions. Emotions run high sometimes, and Im as guilty of this as anyone, but a logical action or reaction is far more profitable to everyone than an emotional reaction. But thank you for saying that :slight_smile:.


Logically we should just wait for black Friday to do the US unity group buy …right??

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There would be no guarantee that Enertion would lower the price as low ,

Yeah the timing seems a little off this year to drop the price for the introduction of the unity right before Xmas. The group buy will really help with the shipping


I have been running the ESC in FOC with 240kv motors on 10S without any issues! I think it is a very good deal for the price so I decided to sell them on my website! You can check it out here, they are on preorder right now and will be available on the 9th of September (maybe even a little earlier depending on shipping).

I have yet to test encoders (hall sensors worked fine on my hubs) but so far, pretty impressed. It is a little on the bigger side but the heatsink/case is nice and heavy (a lot of mass for better cooling)


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Yeah Flipsky esc’s are great. I would only go for vesc 6.6 for MTB.

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is it just physically impossible to make a reliable sk8 esc for under $100? i’ve been told yes, because reliable requires expensive parts but…

VESC 6 bom $60