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HI everyone!

In the past few days I’ve read a ton of guides about how to build esk8 and I’ve got a project in my mind…there’s just one problem, battery. I want to build something that won’t catch fire and that I can bring with me everywhere, I cannot use Lipo batteries and Lifepo4 are just too big (and also not 100% safe), also I cannot afford the enertion space pack right now if I have to buy all the other parts. What can I do? This thing is driving me crazy, also I’d like to be able to charge the eskate without having to pay too much attention to the charger…is there any way I could build or buy a BMS?

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There are a ton of 18650 build threads on here. Check them out for some inspiration. I am building a pack with A123 26650 Lithium Iron Phosphate cells soon. I just need to gather some tools and stuff to build it.

BMS can be bought from Battery Supports. They are supposed to be pretty good quality.

Check these two links out… One is a battery template I put together with a parts list an wiring diagrams… The second is a link to a group buy that just recently finished up and some people will be doing build threads when they can do one… Here you go

Thank you everyone!

So basically I can buy 10 1cell 18650 and connect everything to the 38$ BMS right? That sounds awesome, it’s not even that expensive!

How many volts do you want and how many mah? If you are doing a 10S1P then yes 10 cells is right. If you want more range increase the amount of batteries in parallel.

It’s a 1 motor build, it’s better if I do 5000mha ad 12v or 10000mha at 6v? I’m worried that 6v it’s not enought but it’s a normal skateboard, not a longboard

You need at least 22.2 volts.

Oh well, in that case I need to buy a lot of batteries D: I should build like 7-8 packs of 4x2500mah 3.6v right?

How many volts and mah do you want? I will design a configuration for you. Volts must be at or above 22.2v. What cells will you use? Samsung? LG? Sanyo?

If I can achive around 10km range with 5000mah it would be enought for me

On my local amazon I can get a good deal on this Samsung ICR18650-26F Li-Ion 18650 3.7V 2600 mAh

Otherwise I can get the samsung 25r or the lg LG HE4 18650 2500mAh 20A 3.7v

You could probably get that with 8S but do you want a higher voltage so you can go a bit faster?

I don’t now how fast I can go with 22v, I’ve seen that the standard speed with 1 motor is 25-30km/h, I won’t need go any faster than that…also I’m only 60kg

The speed also depends on the motor kv. Well, here is an 8s pack design I did for you. If you wanted to go less just take or add on a group of cells.

You would also put balance leads on the positive, negative and series connections.


@lox897 I think this design is more like 4s4p in my opinion, as I can only see big groups of 4 batteries connected in series and each of this group of big batteries is 4 cells in the inside. Correct me if I am wrong.

No. There are two cells that are connected in parallel and then in series. Same happens on the outer area of the cells.

It’s like @whitepony 's design except smaller and not 4p.

Ohh yes my bad the two cells are connected in series. you’re right :smiley:

I see how you got confused though. It looks a bit confusing.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Now I have to decide If I want to spend around 150€ and build that pack or wait a bit and get di space cell… In the meantime I could buy like 3 of these and put them in series to get 30v just for trying the esk8