Information about AlienPowerSystem remote control?

Hey guys. Been working on a single motor longboard project for a while now. I’ve been using a remote that needs four AAA batteries to run, and it drains them in about 5 days riding 2 hours total each day. So I needed a rechargeable remote and ended up ordering the Alien Power System remote:

Does anyone have any experience with this remote? Can’t really find any reviews on it

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I’ve never seen it before. Is it new?

Look like a modify mini remote…

I’m also interested in this remote

It’s very reliable and the material is awesome!:+1:

Ordered it in Nov 2014 and got it in Sept 2016, but was worth the wait. :slight_smile:


Looks sick, I might have to try this out!

Is it a rubbery/Matte finish?

It’s a rubberish grip and matte finish, yes. Lies definitely better in your hand than the micro trigger remote.

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Does it have a wider throttle range than the micro?

I didn’t compare the range, but can do that when I’m back home in the evening. Might be just a few millimeters more I guess. The trigger is different though.

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Anyone know how long the sale will last?

I used a quanum remote before this one. The Alien remote has less travel distance and is therefore more sensitive but it’s doable. Feels very nice, very light, easy to use and is literally plug and play. The remote and receiver come pre-bound and binding is real easy too. Have had no issues with my two rides today however my motor broke but that’s not due to the remote :wink: I think the sale goes on forever. Been on this website multiple times and there’s always a “sale”. Think it’s just a way to make the prices seem lower.

I recommend this remote! Will be featuring it in a video featuring my e-board so look out for that

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Definitely post that here!


I’ve been using this very remote since switching to it 2 years ago.


  • Only recharged a handful of times. Feels like a charge lasts forever
  • Never had any signal loss or weird voodoo shit
  • It’s survived some pretty gnarly falls


  • The tiny on/off switch on the side broke after many uses. It’s too small to withstand years of use. I fixed this by soldering on wires with a new switch
  • Turning remote on is a 2 step process. First you have to flip the switch, then hold a button. I however think this can be fixed fairly easily. Will test soon
  • Throttle travel distance is quite small. I’m used to this now and work quite well with it, but for beginners this can be dangerous on a powerful board

I very much recommend and love this remote

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Hi man ! Thanks for the review, do you have a fast mode on the remote or its just one speed option?

UPDATE again:

I’ve fixed 2 things. Broken on/off switch - Replaced with huge switch The fact that it takes 2 steps to turn on - I put some metal between the plastic button and the actual button so that it’s always pressed.

Here’s a video of my on/off button “hack”

Just one speed I’m afraid. I personally overcome this with customized preset modes for the focboxes via the bluetooth module. I can change my ride modes from my phone on the fly quite easily

Wanted to give a warning to people using this remote / thinking of using it.

When you turn on the remote using the on/off button, make sure you aren’t pressing down or up on the throttle trigger!!! For some reason the remote will use the position of the trigger when it is turned on as its middle point. If you push the trigger into the braking direction, this will result in the board throttling when the remote is in neutral! Even worse, if you held down the trigger in full acceleration position, the remote will totally freak out on you, and treat the acceleration direction as a reverse braking control, and the whole breaking zone will be interpreted as max acceleration!!!

This really freaked me out on my ride today, had to go home and reproduce it before I felt safe again. Possibly unrelated: also am investigating a 1 to 2 second lag that happened a few times, I suspect I might have triggered an over-voltage fault while braking with full battery, but am not sure. Shit like this is what gives me anxiety before heading out for a ride :frowning_face:

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This is very true and I’ve had it happen before!

What I do to make sure it’s safe is I hold the remote so nothing can be touching the trigger, I then pull trigger back and let it bounce to neutral by itself, turn it on, wait 2 seconds, and then I know it’s safe

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