Initiative: To have a list of people who are keen to offer 3rd party repairs for Eskates

Hey guys, this is Paxson from Electric Skateboard HQ.

I was presented with a problem that I think is worth solving. A reader messaged me saying the Buffalo board that she bought has broken down and as Buffalo, the company has gone out of business, she has no one helping the repair.

I am anticipating a lot more people are going to face a similar problem, and it will help everyone out if we can connect those who have broken boards to those who are keen to offer third-party product repair service.

Establishing a ‘network of 3rd party repair service’ might even help the sport to grow.

So, if anyone is interested in doing third party repair, please reply with your name, location and the way you would like to be contacted with (email/ phone/ facebook). I will add everyone to a list and share the list to all visible place on the internet.

Hope everyone can help to spread the word. Cheers!


Name: Chris Cho

Location: West Lafayette, Indiana USA

Contact: [email protected]

Company name: RideFatDaddy

Location: Netherlands


Name: Kong Chee Kit

Location: Johor, Malaysia


Name: Wing L.

Location: San Francisco

Contact: (FB Message)

Able to: Fix battery, build battery (spot welded or with custom cell holders), replace / upgrade parts.


I’m a student in mechanical engineering at Purdue, still have lots to learn but I could definitely do simple repairs such as soldering, basic machining, replacing parts etc.

Name: Chris Cho

Location: West Lafayette, Indiana USA

Contact: [email protected]

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Thanks! You are in the list now =D

Fatdaddy, not big daddy :stuck_out_tongue: And they are based (FTM) in The Netherlands.

I would trust that guy to fix my board any day :slight_smile:

Thanks for the catch! hahaha.

Played too much Age of Empire in the past, and I guess I overusing cheat code “Big Daddy” has a lasting impact. =P