Inner gear direct drive gearbox

Hi guys, the new project is coming up with new gearbox using inner gears to make it smallest possible direct drive gearbox :slight_smile: It’s nor possible to make any smaller because then motor 63mm will start to touch the hanger. Maybe there will be some trying to make 3 gear system but it’s only on the mind right now :wink:

There will be no need to machine a hanger, every gear will be machined from scratch so it suppose to be cheaper than our normal gearbox, plus it will have only 4 parts

  • Main gear attached to the hub of the wheel.
  • Hanger mounting adapter,
  • Baseplate
  • Motor gear


What is the gear ratio?



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How do you achieve sealing of the gears in order to keep the luberication in the system? Wouldn’t you need a flange somewhere to mount a v-ring?

There is basically no need for lubrication :wink: I am already over 500km on my gearbox and I don’t see any wear.

What motor are you planning to use and what is the top speed you want to achieve?

At the moment my own 6384 170kv but should be working with any 63mm motor :wink: Top speed should be around 50km/h. It’s more for Mtb boards so high speeds are not much better.


50 km/h is more then enough for a board with 4 wheels(at least for me :slight_smile:). Anyway it looks awesome… Good luck!

How do you achieve a top speed of 50 km\hr with a 170 KV motor and gear ratio of 5:1? What’s your battery voltage?

Yup, actually with 12 cells you will need 350kv motor to achieve that if you go with 90mm wheels. With bigger wheels lets say 200mm you will achieve 50 km/h with 170kv. He’s planning to build MTB so no problem there.

@anon42702729 @Ishayc it’s for mtb with 8" wheels :wink:

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Yup got that :slight_smile:

Ah thank you, nice to know :slight_smile: Which material do you use for this?

The gear is made form POM plastic :wink:

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Most excellent…

This will give you much better gear engagement, which will mean longer life.

any plans on selling? just like the enclosures? :grinning:

I’m in the middle of purchasing a new MTB motor mount

Now where have I seen such a design recently? :sweat_smile:

Be sure to check with Lee13 for selling, he told me he is in the process of getting it patented. (if that works, I have no idea of you can patent this)


Lee13? I can’t find user with name like this here. It’s just inner gear with mounting plate, I don’t think you will be able to patent something like this :slight_smile:

He is talking about this project (not on the forum and in german language)

Oh, nice our idea came from seeing already made gears from Maedler but the price is ridiculous that’s why thought about making our own gear from POM plastic :slight_smile: