Input voltage error for brand new Turnigy 6S LiPo and iSDT D2 charger

So I got my Turnigy 6S 5000mAh 40C batteries, and a dual 200W iSDT D2 smart balance charger, made a couple XT90-XT60 adapter cables, and… No dice. I set everything correctly, to start safely I’m just doing 1A charging (eventually will do 5A to match 1C), but even then… it starts out fine, then flashes “CH1 Warning: Input voltage lower than 27.0V!” for a split second before a crash/reboot.

All the cells are well balanced around 3.77V, it recognizes it’s 6S, and has a total of around 22.4V. I don’t know why on earth the total would be over 27V since that’s well over 4.2V/cell.

This is my first experience with big LiPos so I’m just happy nothing’s blown up yet, but it’d be nice if they actually worked too! :sweat_smile: Anyone know what’s going on here?

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If its warning you of input voltage, wouldnt that be the voltage from your power supply?

Good choice on the iSDT D2. I dont have any experience with them myself but the Rc hobbyists sem to like them. Whats its input voltage supposed to be? Maybe its dropping out under load. Also what are you using for a power supply?

It has a built-in power supply, supposed to be plug and play with any AC outlet 100-240V, which I have. It is on a power strip with a few other small things - I wouldn’t think that’d be a problem especially since it was complaining about voltage not current, but something to consider I guess

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Do this. Try plugging your charger in elsewhere and charging those 6s packs. Just read the specs and its supposed to give up to 10A per channel. It should do 1A charging without even running the cooling fan. Unless theres a fan thats always on by default.

I just unplugged everything from the outlet except the charger, and it still crashes. I’ve had no issues running lights and power tools and multiple phone chargers simultaneously, so I doubt that’s the problem; like you said it should be able to handle 6S at 1A without breaking a sweat

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That just doesnt sound right. Either the unit is defective or we’re both missing something. If you’re on any of the Rc forums I’d suggest making a thread about it there.

This is a head scratcher for sure.

Just came back to say you were right - defective unit. Got a replacement and it works great :+1: thanks!

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