Inside marbel gen 1 skateboard

I can’t find this anywhere on the web so what the heck, here is what a marbel looks like on the inside.


Pictures didn’t upload I think!


Nope, no pictures yet


LOL so either you forgot to post pictures or pranked us all

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sorry guys i kinda jumped the gun, the photos are up now:)

Wow theres a ton of extra space in there, would make a great donor deck!

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Finally! I always wondered

Did you check the gauge of the wire? I think they are using 14 gauge wire.

Its 12 gauge actually, its a 8 cell battery so I guess they don’t draw that much current.

Nice! I was waiting on my warranty to void and need to get into it!

TONS of room! I see my marbel being VESC’d w/ dual motors… and maybe 10 or 12s!

If the electronics fail - otherwise maybe just higher cap 8s…

Kudos man for cracking her open!!

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I like the way you think;) Just as a heads up though, the switching situation will get complicated(im doing the same thing to it).

Awesome post, thanks for sharing, I have been dying to see the hamster wheel inside my deck since day one but since they keep extending my warranty and taking care of me i haven’t opened it… There is so much space in there for additional batteries it is ridiculous. How many wH can you stuff in there?

enough lol tbh im not upgrading the battery, im just replacing the current pcb with a vesc and a bms so i won’t have to deal with the remote dying all the time

I need to open mine up – hopefully just to reconnect some loose wires. Tips for opening up and resealing the board? I’ve pulled back the tape, but stopped after some initial light attempts to pry the cover up. If you don’t have tips for how to do this easily, I’ll get more determined…

Use two or three inch wide or larger chisels and kind of scrape the cylicone out of the gaps a bit but be carful. Then start to work them under the seel. Make sure you have plenty of surfice area with the chissles or the carbon will splinter. Go from the side and not from the ends. If you go from the ends then it will splinter. Do the ends at the end and when you have to. Other than that it’s not too hard

Just use more cylicone to seal it back up but make sure you scrape the old stuff off

I don’t have this board anymore… It was fun while I had it though:)

Why didn’t you just DIY the Marbel ? What I loved most about it is the Carbon deck / enclosure so seamless and waterproof. You can rewire it to a VESC and remote and keep everything the same. Cheap fix.


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I actually did for a while I just didn’t like the single motor design because I couldn’t turn right while going uphill :stuck_out_tongue:

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I really regret not doing that when I had the deck. It wasn’t ever functional and why convinced me to send it back for their new model. I doubt I’ll ever see it again with the way that company works.

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