Inside the slick revolution flex e

Hi guys, a friend of mine bought a slick revolution last week, so we opened it just for take a look. I think it well done, what do you think? Is the battery pack a 6s 3p configuration?FB_IMG_15436053312467303 FB_IMG_15436052060469158 ![FB_IMG_15436052711645586|666x500] (upload://bWE2HBYcMzOFtPdj4CEbh1p3lEg.jpeg) IMG_20181225_181314 IMG_20181225_181334 IMG_20181225_181737 IMG_20181225_182442 IMG_20181225_204709

You can t adjust the belt, cause the motor is fixed in one position only, the board has a good torque, and speed is good too. Tomorrow we are looking for a complete ride test.

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And yes I stole from my friend a rough stuff wheel set and fittend on my bamboo, it looks coolIMG_20181225_210020