Insoles and heel support

My heels had been killing me lately after riding. Curious if anyone out there have the same experience. If anyone uses special insoles or heel support or does anything else to cushion your feet



can we… pan up a little :stuck_out_tongue:

You don’t want to know what’s up there


I use these for my AJ1s when I ride, but board feel is likely to suffer (YMMV) since the forefoot has gel support underneath.

That, or if you’re up for it, Vans Ultracush soles are very comfortable for skating imo. Though, they don’t sell soles separately…

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Yea, this is actually a picture of @brenternet, don’t pan up.


Will check them out thanks!

I have a degenerative disease called Achilles tendinopathy. Very painful. Unfortunately I’m going to require surgery in the next few years. Needless to say I just ordered some protalus inserts I will be trying those out in the next few days. I have some custom-made and personally formed orthotic inserts but they don’t work very well in my opinion. I’ll keep you updated once I get a chance to try out these new inserts.


I have two layers of “odor eaters” insoles in my shoes to help add some cheap cushion…and to stop stinky feet.

I use these and they work wonders

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dammit… they don’t have my size…

lol good ol vans for me :joy:

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I wear gel orthotics in my shoes and make the ride quite a bit smoother, they are also good for the arches in your feet

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I have always had complete cripple feet, and since I got custom fitted insoles, the ride has been hella smoother

I use sorbothane. Amazing impact and vibration absorption, plus on this model there is a heel cup to keep your foot properly aligned.

Ride more and train your heels, this happened to me when I was riding long distances at the time (10-15miles) but I started riding 50 miles daily over the summer of 2018 and that trained my legs and feet to never get tired and now I can go for 75 mile rides and still be fine


I’ve done lots of testing on this matter and wasted too much money on insoles but this really works well. (the 2mm inserts)

I wear the hightop pro vans but I removed the ultracush insoles and inserted both of these. I was using the noene and ultracush together which wasn’t bad but once I switched to these drschools orthotics for people that weight 200-300 lbs the difference was huge. My feet feel so much better. I weight 195lbs. I haven’t tried the Drschools alone but even with both inserts the shoes still feel loose. I highly recommend using both of them together.

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I change my dr scholes monthly-bimonthly. But really its just matter of riding more as others have said. Eventually you won’t feel your feet, and they just become feedback devices for the road underneath you.

True. I’ve ridden over 2,100 miles since January and just tried them a couple rides ago. I noticed the difference after the first ride but everyone rides differently. Just giving my two cents.

Is this your first time skating?