Inspiration for new Esk8 inventions

Regarding the controller ideas I’ve thought about using a string driven type thing where you pull a string somewhere on your arm/hand to control acceleration my worry is what if you twitch or fall?

About interchangeable parts, that would be nice but also think it’s harder in the case of esk8 since things are best when purpose built (don’t want an extra big enclosure if you have a smaller battery, if you want a long flexy deck need split enclosures). That said trying to work towards some standards on things is always good for reasons you already stated.

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That’s fucking brilliant. Being able to cross a shop door and simply build within the shop while enjoying a tank and a drink. Just chill. Then roll out on the e-skate.


Would love to see someone make ‘retractable’ mountainboard wheels… though that would require mechanical knowledge and know how to make such ‘system’ sturdy enough for riding.

Have seen it for amphibia cars:

This would save some space for when there is a need to carry / park mountainboard…

Other than that, from electronics side:

Turn signals - would be cool, (someone made brake light, as far as i know)

Been thinking about ‘charging platform’ for awhile but havent made on myself (similar concept like electric kettle is working, when u just place it on a ‘pod’)

I agree that a lot of cool stuff can be made with lights… be it el wire, light channels… opportunities are quite wide there

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On the lights ideas I was just looking at some GPS modules or lots of old android phones on ebay… think it’d be cool if the board had indicators to tell me when I need to turn somewhere so I don’t have to take my phone out. I suppose it could just use bluetooth or something from the phone and use a phone app to tell it what to do and handle the gps/routing.


Batteries should come enclosed and with mounts for electric skateboards. You said it, things are best when made for the purpose…right?

Motors are pretty standard already, 50 and 65…

Mounts are becoming standard, the little hole is different on each truck clamp…

The trucks are not really made for electric skating yet, but we can hope and try to change that fact.

Seems there’s only a very few mating locations (genitals) between electric and unpowered skateboards, it appears we only have a few items to form a factor around…yes?


Yeah I guess the issue then though is what to consider a form factor or a variation. For example for the speed controller/receiver/telemetry it depends on which of those components you have how big they will be, but we could come up with some numbers that get say 90% of use cases (would probably need to include VESC 4 and VESC 6 options as well as single vs dual sizes). From those dimensions and commonly used board types/sizes could come up with a hole pattern that could be shared.

On the battery could maybe do the same type of thing but think it’s harder since there’s even more variation there (18650 vs lipo and all the possible ways to arrange both). I mean you could come up with “standards” for a bunch of variations, but then they aren’t as useful as a “standard” since everyone can use a different one. That’s the other side too, even if we establish here we would like some standard we also then need to convince the manufacturers to adopt those standards for reasons that are somehow beneficial to them.


Yes correct, standards are not just decisions, they are consensus, so the companies that understand the need for such a standard in this new industry are here and some are even reading. I work with a few already and I make it a point to highlight skateboard companies in the USA near or at the heart of the history of skateboarding.

All the companies owned and operated by skateboarders themselves, be it downhill, freeride, freestyle park, vert, whatever, you name it and there’s already companies making it. What we need to do is catch their attention, show them there’s a new demographic, a new product and it needs a standard…

They will listen and make what we wish if we show we will buy it, it’s simple…we actually get to create the standard if we play our cards right…How about Liquid, Caliber, Paris, Indy and whatever else all making a 200mm truck made for electric skateboarding and all can fit the same motor? Imagine a selection of wheels, not just like two models or three sizes to choose from but a whole wall of choices that all fit on the same pullies? in all sorts of shapes and sizes and color!

Decks, come on, we got decks coming out of our ears already in this world, great ones, let’s highlight them, ask them to be involved and drill a few more holes, how hard is this really? Not very hard with a little cooperation and spirit! competition breeds innovation but right now the market is sort of dead, we need hype, the companies need hype and growth, growth comes from new standards…

I am more than willing to bet that the companies wanting to be involved in that standard, and apart of that sea of parts on the wall the customer has to choose from, will understand all of this and hear me…

Please add spaces I have trouble reading walls of text lol X.X


board that’s also a bong.

flame thrower in the back.

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Flamethrower in the back. I want to lay a trail of burning kerosene “Back to the future” style. @longhairedboy would probably be all over making this a standard feature on his boards. This is definitely a “shut up and take my money” feature if I’ve ever heard of one. Mashing the throttle and laying down a burning trail would be epic.

Your know what I saw someone do that on YouTube with a Butane can, didn’t work very well but it also wasn’t an EBoard. Could be pretty cool using a Butane canister and proper metal tubing controlled by a solenoid, I plan on doing something like this to add an Afterburner to my model D.H. Vampire EDF jet.

There’s nothing we can do to a skateboard to solve the turn signals problem, because drivers don’t even see us AT ALL, much less see the little light … much less then focus closely on it to realise it’s a blinking arrow… they’ll just go around us then turn right in front of us, cutting us off and wrecking us and almost running us over, then being completely oblivious what is happening in the world outside their incoming text messages…


I use my arms as turn signals like bikers do…in CA we are suppose too…


@thisguyhere yes i was going to do that, first finish my board and then mod it, you are right

@mmaner oh thats a great idea! and do u have ideas for where the hud can be placed?

@wafflejock that’s such a good idea about that gps system!!! I srsly haven’t thought about that what so ever, that will be a nice project

@ARetardedPillow sorry for that, didn’t think about that

Slightly esk8 related or not😋

A way to automatically remove 3d prints from the print bed to start next print


@scepterr You can bring your z axis fully down and then move your y axis fully from start to end. That worked for me once. It removed the print with glass bed included and “stored” them on the floor. Never did it again though


I was actually thinking of something like a double sided heatbed that would rotate, dislodge the print and put fresh bed in place. This would allow the 2nd print to start on a new bed without chance of any contamination or misalignment of the first bed and give you time to check before the next cycle

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That is so much more boring than my idea… It could work though. You will need sensored auto level and enough space underneath for the print to hang

It wouldn’t hang, it would get knocked off and down a chute, you need the width of the baseplate to rotate and if the beds are equally spaced from the center it’ll be aligned. Regardless alignment isn’t the problem I want solved :yum:

I like the chute idea… could it be like spring loaded at the end of the chute so the print gets shot around the room?