Inspiration for new Esk8 inventions

How about actually making a real hoverboard workable on concrete macadam haha

But the fish and plants included PU glass board is a nice idea too. Not sure fish will like repeted vibrations though.

An esk8 <-> efoil convertible


With how well my prints adhere to my bed I think the aluminum bed would snap before the print pops off lol.

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I’m using glass+glue stick, very good adhesion when hot and pops off when cool with minor force

Two ways I’ve seen something like this done… 1 the 360 3d printer robot arm type thing something like this but I’ve seen less cheesy more 3d printer specific ones just can’t find right now:

Then other option was having a conveyer belt that things print on then it rolls them off the edge. Would guess issue there is trying to keep it “taught” or flat for printing.

Think mostly people just deal with it though or get a print bed with big enough volume to print multiples in one go.

You could also 3d print one thing then make a mold with silicone (somewhat time consuming) but then can pour fast curing plastic resin stuff that cures in 10-20min if you’re just repeating some part for mid-scale stuff.

Yeah I’ve seen the makerarm before, bit overkill. Conveyor idea is interesting, could be glass beds inline that slot onto the heatbed while pushing the used bed out a slide

dont worry you might get real smoke out of your first board

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I worked with dry ice and haze,smoke Machines in the day…the fluid hits a hot plate turns to smoke then gets pumped out…i like it they have small 1s for cars now im looking into that …

hahahah yes thats possible too, although I would be less happy about that

Stun gun on tail of board with the trigger on the front so you can grab deck by the front truck and swing for self defense. Also adding pepper spray


A pocket for a lighter if you forget one but would like to smoke a cig

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Just carry around some steel wool and short your cells, thatll light your cig!

Nah cant do that my cells are shrinkwrapped and there are 6 screws holding the enclosure

but a nice idea, I prefer doing fireworks with them

An automated switch that instantly makes your esc draw current from a high c-rated batt pack during heavy load, but switches back to the big capacity pack when cruising. :scream_cat:

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wow this is a real good idea real good idea

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I’m not sure, but at least it’s an idea :wink:

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Like the dewalt flexvolt? Thats a dope idea

didn’t know there existed such thing, but yeah i guess :blush: Edit… seems like the dewalt tools switch from higher to lower no of cells in series, not type of cells right? c-rating probably stays the same there because of same type of cells.

Oh you meant having separate packs, righty my bad