Insta 360 One X | + Free Items

Interested to see some footage! Let us know how it performs as well as user convenience


Sure, new toys for the weekend :grin::ok_hand:


after the videos from kaly last weekend i´m close to get a 360 too… just…i need to stop ordering things… i didn´t look up so much about 360 cameras yet. how you guys would rate the insta 360 one x compared to other 360 cameras?

I use the previous insta 360 one, what i dont like about it is the unremoveable battery, battery wont last in the cold (freeze many times), stabilization was so so, stitching not very good if facing the sun, beside that,but i still love it tho, it has a lot of feature like bullet time etc, so fun to bring one small camera and get creative with it. i also like the simple editing apps, like i can do everything on my phone. I use gopro all the time since the 1st edition :smile:, this one just so fun to skip :grin:

Anyway i also try the gopro fusion, that one is a massive camera, love it, i think for serious videographer fusion maybe better, but casual shot, shoot and post, insta 360 very enjoyable. And it is so lite comparing to fusion.

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You had GoPro 360 too?

EDIT: and freezing batteries don´t sound good… i´m in russia and…snowboarding :neutral_face:

Noup my friend lent me, if i want to buy another gopro, i’ll go for hero 7 not the fusion this time.

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from the pictures of the insta 360 it does not look so much smaller than the gopro fusion. more like more long but more slim. but over all not really smaller

Yup, i notice that the previous one had that issue when i bring them fo snowboarding, i need to bring heat pack to warm them before use them :rofl:. But they said there’s some improvement (a lot), let see…

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Your user picture scares me each time I see it… could you change and show maybe your beautiful face???:thinking: all I can think of is Antifata

yeah head pads :joy: bought a punch of them last winter when i realized the hard way that my drone lipos don´t like so much to walk with me one hour at -20 and than should fly :see_no_evil:

It’s about 11.5x4.5cm and 1.5cm thick. But super light.

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Hahaha you can see my face on my instagram, it is fun to scaring people sometimes :rofl:.

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Ok…NP I will just deal with it…

hold us up to date! i guess i´ll wait a bit till the winter came in fully and who knows, maybe i´ll get one for christmas :pray::joy:

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Little off topic…How did you get into Esk8 @XTLA. In my case my first board was a Hobie flex. I could pump up a 10 degree hill and prob put over 5,000 miles on it over 8 years. Now older appreciate the ability to to skate with a little less work. It is great to see diversity in the skateing community and more specifically someone interested in the technology side.


I live in tropical country, I used to shred with my carver board, i try to surf but i live far away from beach so it’s like vacation surf only, i’m also a divers, like to hike, until one day i went for snowboarding in Japan and im in love. Everytime im back home from my snowboarding trip its like never enough, and my other hobby seems like boring, need something new to wait for snow season another year :rofl:. Then i found this forum…long story short that’s how this addicted begin :joy: “THIS FORUM”. I have no knowledge about electrical stuff, but building something is my daily job as an architect.

That is solid… you got to find what makes you happy and enjoy the small amount of time we all have on this big ball. Hats off to you @XTLA finding your space and doing your thing.

Take care,


However that photo still freeks me out,lol Maybe it is because it reminds me of the grays allens…never met one but not interested in an allen obduction or probe.

By the way love architecture myself lived in unison designed home and now more mid century modern.


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Wonderful house design :heart_eyes: