Installing diyelectricskateboard belts, are they to short or am i doing something wrong?

So i bought my motormount, motors, pulleys belts etc from i would think everything would fit. The belts are the 265 length. I have installed the motors as far down as i can i think? If i would be able to fit the belt over both pulleys it would be insanly tight. IMG_2845

I can upload a video of it later today if that would help!

This thread is pointless. You need to actually try and put the wheels one before you can complain here…


He tried, but was saying even if he got it on. It would be way to tight.

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Have you reached out to @torqueboards about it yet? Those belts should fit with that kit though. Maybe he can give you some tips/advice

The belts are too short, 265 is meant for inward mount, and reverse mount requires longer belts.


these aren’t reverse-mounted but yeah 265 is the wrong belt length. I have 285 on 15/44 and my motor pulley is almost touching my wheel

those are the longer versions of the TB mount.

they are the reverse verson i believe.

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that they are. He needs shorter arms or longer belts.

or this?


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Oh i haven’t even read that text, i would just have assumed that they would send me the correct size belts. So yeah i have the V6 motor mount. So i’m going to have to order belts with the 280mm length i guess. Do you know any good company in Europe that sells belts?

Thanks btw!

not sure about that.

@mackattack - Send us an email. Our team could have sent you the wrong belts. :sob:

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You would think that they would send you the right size, yes, but due to the fact that it is kind of obscure maybe they would be willing to give you the right size. @torqueboards is very reasonable and they have great sales support.

They came through for my man when we did my last build and they sent the wrong length belts then too. He has the reverse mounts and I didn’t notice they needed longer ones. Additionally, then when one of his trucks broke they replaced that too.

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Yeah it seems like that heppend:pensive: I just sent your team an email with my order number etc.

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