Installing GT set up on old gen 2 carbon deck

Hey guys I have an evolve gen 2 carbon with an upgraded battery almost 21a with 60 cells. Due to the fact I understand I can’t upgade the evolve GT battery I wonder if there could be any problems with switching the GT set up with the 2 motors and everything to the old deck, hence upgrading my range.

My question is does anyone see any problems which might arrrise? Will the 7 inch wheels work fine on the old carbon deck for instance?

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What makes you think you can’t upgrade the GT battery? People have done it - just try not to make the cells super tight and rubbing against each other.

How’s it going VikasG? I have been reading posts on this site for quite some time, but I just created my account. I have a Carbon GT, like yourself. I also have some of the same interests as you, such as replacing the stock battery with something superior, the at least minimize the voltage sag and possibly increase range as well. I tried to find a way to send you a PM, but I guess the mobile app doesn’t have a way to do that (at least that I could find). Do you mind sharing some of your findings with me? Have you contacted any battery builders that can address these issues. You can PM me back if you have the ability to. Thanks again, man.

i have both gt and gen2. my gt got run over while i was holiday in europe so i transferd all the GT hardware and electronics to my gen2 while i wait for a replacement board. works, except for a few little things. if your interested let me know.

Gen 2 deck is the best deck ever, what are the issues? Can u write them here? It’s the back tail right? It’s touching the motors when u turn… I wonder if you can just shave that carbon tail… that would be amazing.

not really man, i mean yes it was…until i mounted the board backwards :slight_smile: but unfortunately they still fowl on the board. im using the trucks from a gt so dont know if the trucks on a gen2 are wider for the at setup. plus the battery in a gt is thicker than a gen 2 batt so i used the original gen 2 batt to make it fit. which means you have to desolder the from the ggt batt and fit it to the gen2 batt. also you need to drill a hole to mount the power switch from the gt into the gen2. but mainly the con is you have to ride the board backwards :slight_smile:

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