Installing Motors inside rear wheels or hanging out at the rear, pro cons?


Have seen a few builds where the 2 motors are under the board just in front of the rear wheels and others where the motors are behind the rear wheels.

Is this just personal preference or is there advantages to either set up, curious as mid way through a build and want to get it right first time,



I think it is mostly personal preference, there is no performance difference if motors are mounted inside or outside.

However, I would argue that motors on the outside might be more prone to being knocked/scratched if your skateboard is dropped, falls over, or is rolling around in your car.

This company made a product specifically to address this issue. image

However, there are defiantly some constraints that may force a builder into choosing one option over the other. It mostly comes down to the deck design & battery enclosure.

Some decks have a large drop that lowers the standing platform an inch or more. Therefore the motors may need to be positioned on the outside because they will hit the deck or enclosure whilst turning.

However, there are some decks that do have a large drop-down but are still able to accommodate motors mounted on the inside, the Evo landyachtz for example. The length of your motor mount, specifically the centre distance between wheel & motor pulley is likely to be the limiting factor. Therefore you may have to choose a gear drive as the centre distance is much less than a belt drive.

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Thank you for a comprehensive reply,

Whilst I have initially set the motors up on the rear of the deck I will try the inside option for the reasons you have mentioned, just waiting on some riders in the post,

Regards and thanks again



Hi At first revision of my board, i placed motor in front of rear axle - better looking, and safer from scratches but during rebuild i had to move motor behind rear axle - needed to move batteries as close as possible to the trucks to get maximum flexibility of the deck(but sacrifice on safety of the motor, and visual appearance). At the end @onloop is right - it depends on your personal needs and preferences