“Instant” Replacement Warranty - Enertion


So apparently Enertion don’t keep stock for warranty replacements while offering a falsely labelled “instant” replacement warranty. Just wondering if anybody here, particularly US based (since Jason seems to want to appeal to the bigger market and fuck over his Australian counterparts with taxes, etc), has any understanding of the legal requirements of a company in this category. Because to me this comes down to false advertising and a potential massive no-no in business. My instant replacement part is 2 weeks from being in stock supposedly so my timing for the Unity to shit itself isn’t terrible, but that’s IF the new batch is actually 2 weeks away and not pushed away yet again like I’ve read.

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Sidenote: How have Flipsky dual VESCs been in people who have used them’s experiences? More affordable and they seem to consistently have stock, they’re becoming really appealing now…

I’m still waiting on mine, but the service from Flipsky is spectacular at the very least

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This is your second post on the topic,

Your unity is shipping with THIS current batch. Which is a week or two (at most) out.

Not sure why you keep resorting to the forum when something doesn’t go your way

I flagged your post, you’re spamming our community with non relevant experiences.

As I mentioned in the email to you, Unities are on the way from China to me which is why there is a wait time.

My second post is spam? Might have been like 4 or 5 posts in. Dude, it looks worse for you blocking out my posts than having a rational conversation like I’m trying to have with the community. If you’re just gonna silence people when the company you work for is called out for something that seems suspicious, that doesn’t come off as professional. But if you insist, I’ll make the move over the new forum started after the CEO of the company you work for had a meltdown, and source what the actual legalities are rather than take your word for it.

It’s about the same topic,

My flagging a post doesn’t delete it, it just means I don’t agree with it and I think it’s spam.

I just don’t understand your point of view, we’re literally giving you exactly what you wanted?

You’re complaint is that it isn’t shipping literally this second, it’s on the way to me so I can ship it to you. I don’t think that is illegal or false advertising in anyway.

To me it just came off as you weren’t keeping warranty replacement stock to support customers with issues. It sounded like if my issues had occurred sooner, I’d be waiting longer alongside new orders waiting for the next batch as opposed to having the kind of support you’d expect out of a warranty, especially when you’re paying extra for it.

So now that I have that clarification there’s no longer an issue as I understand what the go is now.

I’m sorry but you’d be wrong. To my knowledge, there are no customers who are waiting for Unity warranty replacements for more than a week.

I would have been happy to clarify that prior to bringing this topic to a community discussion.

The censorship here is choking. If only there were some place without that.


I just found the new forum and it feels like heaven. LHB is a our lord and saviour.


Like I said, eventually that was clarified so I have no issues now.

What censorship? I flagged a post that I found to be spam… I didn’t delete anything. Not only did I find it to be spam, but based on incorrect assumptions.

Just came down to coincidence in timing for me to where I thought warranty replacement units were ordered alongside batches of new orders. The wait time struggle has always been a part of Enertion so I had hoped it wouldn’t affect the extra paid for warranty, which it hasn’t so no dramas here now.

I went ahead and revoked my flag because I’d hate to be accused of censorship. Although, I don’t think there was any.