Insulate your remote receiver please!

After having seen several shorted VESCs by not insulated receivers I highly recommend everybody to check again and to either use shrink tube or tape to insulate those pins sticking out of the receiver.

All of the pins are carrying power and they will definitely short your electronics if they touch anything in the box. So better cover them!


great post, don’t think a lot of people thin about this

This does in looked! Thanks for telling everyone. I put heat shrink of all of my unused pins!

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@elkick great point! I hadn’t thought of this before.

Thanks for the heads up. Do you know what may cause a receiver to get super hot and then stop working?

Things get hot and stop working from too much power going where it shouldn’t. If liquid got in the receiver, that will cause it, or anything else that would send more power than its rated for to go somewhere it shouldn’t be going.

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