Integrated CF deck || 10s3p 30Q || Single 149kv 6374 || Hobby king VESC || 100MM MBS || Chain drive

Hi guys and gals, I want to share my first build and see what you think of it. I made a lot of mistakes along the way but have learnt a lot about electronics and the drivetrain. I started research about this time last year, and became obsessed with the idea of building my own DIY board. When the opportunity arised to build one for my DT GCSE I jumped at the chance.

My original plan was to build a bamboo deck, the same shape as the vanguard with split enclosures with a bamboo deck or single inclosure with a rigid Canadian maple deck. . These are the renders I made 10 1 longboard_final_version_2019-Feb-06_10-03-33PM-000_CustomizedView2752450389 Untitled_2018-Dec-19_11-47-28AM-000_CustomizedView15983038097 3 asdfgh

In the end decided to use carbon fibre for the deck and build an integrated enclosure to make it stealthy.

I first started with the electronics using a 10s bestech bms and 30 Samsung 30qs from NKON. I had to solder the batteries together as my budget did not allow for a spot welder, I bought a slightly more powerful soldering iron to solder the nickel quickly. After a couple of rides I noticed that when accelerating the BMS would cut off the power, I found that one group of cells voltage were much lower than the others. I bought another 3 batteries and replace the dodgy group of cells and the board has been running fine since. IMG_20181110_111858|690x388 IMG_20190126_130139 IMG_20181110_111854

Then I started on the design of the deck. It ended up being very rushed as we had a support teacher for 4 months that provided no help :sob:. The deck took about 2 weeks from start to finish in between my other subjects ( hence all the mistakes coming later)

I started by cutting the shape of the deck and cutting the CF into shape as well. I also began making a foam mould that would also act as the core to increase strength.

IMG_20190328_112336 IMG_20190325_134816 IMG_20190325_115752 IMG_20190328_135552

I used resin to bond the layers together and vaccum pressed the board IMG_20190401_124552 IMG_20190402_160905

The board came out the bag looking like this IMG_20190403_082723

And took about 5 hours straight to trim it with a dremel and file the edges, making my workshop look like a bomb site IMG_20190404_172553

Then I needed to do a clear coat to give the deck a nice shiny feel IMG_20190404_141416

For the drivetrain I started out with a cheap Amazon motor mount and cheep wheel and pulley kit. IMG_20181015_111408 IMG_20181015_111918 IMG_20181219_165205

Which I came to regret once I shredded a pulley pretty quickly. The motor sprocket also began to wear down and would constantly slip. The wheel sprocket would also nit be centred on the wheel causing more problems (BUY CHEAP BUY TWICE!!)


Furthermore, due to the rush in making the deck I messed up vital measurements with the motor and trucks causing me to have to use a riser and cut into my enclosure. And my motor mount would not let me reverse my motor to face outwards.

IMG_20190423_193109 IMG_20190416_194327

Here are some photos of the final product IMG_20190423_193217 IMG_20190423_193044 IMG_20190418_124108 IMG_20190423_193247 IMG_20190423_192904 IMG_20190423_192935 IMG_20190423_193052

I have now decided to convert to chaichain drive , so i dont have to deal with belts lol. Becuase of the raw power of my motor I also bent the motor mount plate and have ordered one from APS IMG_20190709_184429 IMG_20190709_184437

All in all, I am happy with the end product, there are things I would change like thanking the shape of the deck so that the board was not so high of the ground. I cheaper out on most of the drivetrain to try and keep the cost down, but have learnt it’s not worth it. Whenevrr I build another deck I think I will just go with direct drive to reduce maintenance and more moving parts to go wrong.

The motor is torque galore and conquers massive hills with power to spare. Getting lots of loos from propel struggling to pedal up :grin:

Here is the paperwork that I had to do for my project and shows the build in more detail. I’d love to hear all you guys feedback. I now want to build another board already, but have an impossible mission to allow my parents to let me​:joy:. Maybe convince my dad he need one to get to the office and he can have my one. :shushing_face::joy:

Here is my coursework PDF!AsSWYo_lEBcS4WTWTaNLQ4Qh2jNB?e=8wijk6


Cool build! How do you like chain vs belt?

I lije the chain as I feel like I don’t need to worry about it snapping or slipping, and the power just seems very driect and instant. It is noisier but I quite like it, and people are more aware of you around them. It also means the wheel sprocket doesn’t need to be perfectly centred as the chain doesn’t need to be as tight. I just bought the 8044 kit on eBay and a slightly smaller motor sprocket and 3d printed an adapter for my wheels

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