Interactions with the public

So today I was going for my first ride in public park. I went past a guy on a normal skateboard, said hi as I went by, and I think I heard ‘what board is that?!’ as I flew past, but by the time I could respond I was too far away! Awwwwww yeeeeeahhh

Seems like a good idea for a thread!

What humorous/interesting encounters have you had while riding?

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I always get looks from people. A few people have also asked me where to get one.

I had a lot of people screaming out random stuff to me when I’m riding, but most of the time I’m going so fast I don’t even hear it. One guy followed me and said “dude I’ve seen you going soooo fast on that thing, is that a motor or something on there?”. I had a group of punk teenagers driving in front of me slow and giving me the middle finger for no reason, just cuz they thought it’s funny.

Besides that I get a lot of looks. If I’m using my gopro on my helmet, a lot of ppl wave knowing they are on camera. Some people take photos of me when I’m riding next to them in their cars. Fun times.


I’ve had lots of positive encounters and no negative reactions so far.

Teenagers in general seem to love the idea, the only guys a bit skeptical seem to be die hard skaters. Could have sold my board several times, some people wanted to try and ride it (some could) and I’ve even had some ladies that wanted to be on a picture with me and the board … Also car drivers have given me a thumbs up and smiles.

No encounters with the police so far, let’s have fingers crossed.


Same here, I don’t understand why they just hate the idea of a eBoard. My theory is that they look at themselves like the coolest thing ever and feel that this is a threatening their territory. On the other hand every longboard rider just love the idea of eBoards.

Beside skater or the occasionally j*&k driver everybody just love the board, my encounters with the police have been to ask where can they get one :-).

Phrases that immediatly kill the conversation: "you should patent that, shark tank blah blah…! “How do you make it turn?” “Thats stupid, those batteries are going to blow up on you and…”

Everyone else loves the future.


“You’re cheating”


“OMG, he has a bomb…”


Never! Not when people see our happy and open faces while cruising.

Heard that one, but always in a friendly way

Yes, some people think you must be a genius in order to ride a DYI board.

Had two interesting encounters yesterday: One cyclist said: “oh, I saw your electric skateboard in the internet yesterday, now you have one already, wow.” (I’m riding a DYI build :wink: )

Was cruising along a pretty crowded path with @michichopf, I was leading in a slow and easy pace. He was barely able to follow me because people jumped in his path to see what had just passed them.

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I heard an old lady say that I was cheating hahahha

Had an automotive salesman say to another “boy what will they think of next, that guy put a fridge on his skateboard!” I got a space cell. Had a chef offer me $100 for it to give to their son which was insulting. “your skateboard looks like a car”

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“How do you make it turn?” happens WAY more often than I expected. And “do you sell them?” which I just sort of laugh at. No bad interactions so far, just a lot of questions and compliments. Oh, and “you should be wearing a helmet” from my family, mostly my mother.

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you SHOULD wear a helmet :stuck_out_tongue:


She says that because she cares … And she is right!


I had a cop run up and stop me, I thought I was in trouble. He asked, “How the fuck are you not pushing?” Ended saying he wanted one for himself and his son.

Kids in general tend to freak out when they see an electric skateboard.


One guy said: “you should find some hills” Me: “I don’t need hills” :sunglasses:


the builders working near my house shout out at me that i’m lazy & cheating, whenever they see me leave home… so i just smile back…

and then most everyone else yells how cool it is and how’d you do that… which is nice.

and then the few boarders i’ve seen whilst commuting - they just give me the thumbs up.


I have had everyone from hardcore Harley riders to mothers with small children and small children themselves stop me and ask me about the boards. Of course my boards are conspicuously nonstandard so they stand out.

Every single interaction I’ve had has been positive. I even had the park rangers pull up next to me in a lot one time and just smile and drive on…

But I’m also super-careful to go slowly past people and I crawl past kids on the trails.


yesterday i had someone follow me home in his car (I didnt realize he was following me), and when i got to my porch i was just checking over my bolts and belt and whatnot when he got out and asked where i bought my board. he then asked if i could build him one when, but im moving back to school in a couple of days haha. he was an older Venezuelan gentleman who is a geologist…haha. this happened at around 7:45 pm in a little canadian suburb.

I had another older couple walking around the neighbourhood at around midnight stop me and ask all about it and how i made it. they were so happy to see something so different :slight_smile:

and then there’s the occasional “FUCK YEAH!” as im bombing a hill past some people :stuck_out_tongue:

overall good responses from the public…except that one guy that honked at me one time.:rage:

Had a female passenger in a pickup truck lean out treat me to a boob flash.

Very distracting but I would like to encourage more of this behavior.